SugarCRM Sales Commission Integration

Increase Accuracy
Reduce errors in sales commissions. Audit changes and calculations. Increase trust in calculations. Reduce sales people call.
Reduce Time and Effort
Reduce data entry. Run commissions within minutes. Produce is commissioned statements automatically. Communicate commissions clearly.
Reduce Costs
Automatically calculate and reduce administrator time. Reduce costs due to errors. Avoid "Shadow Accounting" by agents.
Customer Testimonial

"I would just like to reiterate how much I appreciate the OUTSTANDING customer service you provide. I emailed you last night at 7:04pm and you were on it immediately! There aren't enough accolades to express my deep appreciation for your spot on resolution to my support needs. All of you on the support team are best customer service driven staff I've had the pleasure to work with!"

SugarCRM and Sales Commission

With the advent of CRM systems, companies are attempting to automate the sales process and customer interactions. More and more sales people access CRM systems to get their job done. But there have been challenges in CRM adoption as sales people resist the solutions. If salespeople have to access the CRM system to get access to their commission statements, they are more likely to use the CRM system for its intended purpose. If a salesperson knows they can help get paid accurately, they will make sure to keep the systems accurate and thus help keep the system up to date.

A commission solution that can accurately establish and calculate commissions and can seamlessly provide the commission statements for viewing by sales people can be a great advantage to firms. In addition to reducing commission errors, reducing time taken to administer, and increasing sales people productivity, the solution can increase SugarCRM adoptions.

SugarCRM supplies Web services, a pool of API calls for building applications and integrating with SugarCRM objects. This set of APIs allows you to create and retrieve data from accounts. The CRM platform also ensures that the third party product is properly authenticated prior to getting access to the SugarCRM data
QCommission utilizes a technology called QXchange to integrate to other applications including SugarCRM. Specific data access plug-ins (DAP) for different systems can be added to QXchange to integrate with various different data sources. A special DAP for SugarCRM allows QCommission to exchange data with SugarCRM.
The QXchange layer exchanges data between the systems. Customers: This object shows the customer information of the company. Products: This object shows which products of the company. Opportunities: This object shows which source transactions were credited to which sales person. The data is specific to each sales person and the sales people can access their data in detail.
Sales Commission Software that is powerful to handle your unique needs.
QCommission enables you to quickly calculate commission, draw and bonuses, verify results and distribute this information to your account executives, recruiters, consultants and managers. Present the commission information in such a way that your staff clearly understands what they are being paid and why they are being paid at a very detailed level. Excel and manual calculations can introduce a lot of errors in your calculations and cause your staff to lose trust in you. The commission can help avoid that by calculating all commissions systematically and reliably.
Process Carrier Files
Accept most formats of carrier files including XL, CSV, Text files, and some forms of PDF files, map fields, and load into system. Map multiple agent IDs to single agent ID.
Handle Products
Handle all insurance and financial products including: Life, Health, Property/Casualty, Medicare, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Commercial, Specialty, Individual/Group, etc. Pay different commission rates by products.
Varying Calculations
Pay commissions as a percent of premium or flat amount. Pay differently by product, new, renewal, and also by year. Pay varying rates by age of insured, year of policy, state, and other criteria..
Pay many roles
Pay Account Executives, Recruiters, Consultants and Project Managers. Split commissions more than 10 ways. Provide manager overrides.
Adjust Commissions
Chargeback commissions for fallouts. Make manual payout adjustments. Adjust payouts automatically by draws or guarantees.
Integrate with Accounting systems such as QuickBooks/MS Dynamics/Sage,, etc. Import invoices and paid invoices. Export to AP and Payroll.