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Customer Testimonials - Staffing

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Staffing Industry
Magee Resource Group - QCommission’s ability to take one paid invoice record and process it to multiple payees incentive plans proved to be a huge timesaver..
Shelby Smith - Controller Magee Resource Group.
Embedded Resource Group - "Cellarstone’s staff was able to easily convert the existing complex commission program comprised of some fairly difficult formulas into there software program and map each payout transaction to the appropriate sales person and recruiter with great accuracy."
  Tim- President - Embedded Resource Group.
bullet2 Direct Staff Inc. - “The statement and calculation results are available in a timely manner and provide clear statement for my sales reps.  QCommission has saved me a lot of effort and time."
  Angelo Peruzzi - President, Direct Staff Inc.
 Staffing Industry
Name Recommendation Score Comments
Mike W. 10  
Shelby S. 10  
Tim P. 10 I’ve had a great experience working with QCommission!
Anil K. 8 It will be very helpful if your team can send an acknowledgement as soon as they receive the issue. I understand that you can not jump on every reported issue however, sending an ETA would be extremely helpful.