Sales Commissions for Netchex

Sales Commissions for Netchex
Increase Accuracy
Reduce errors in sales commissions. Audit changes and calculations. Increase trust in calculations. Reduce sales people call.
Reduce Time and Effort
Reduce data entry. Run commissions within minutes. Produce is commissioned statements automatically. Communicate commissions clearly.
Reduce Costs
Automatically calculate and reduce administration time. Reduce costs due to errors. Avoid "Shadow Accounting" by sales reps.
Match unique Netchex Requirements
Netchex, supplies API services, a pool of API calls for building applications and integrating with Netchex objects. This set of APIs allows you to create and retrieve data from Employees, New hires, Positions, Payrates, Deductions, Location, Background check, Contact Info, Time punches, Time sheets and supporting to export into payroll. The platform also ensures that the third-party product is properly authenticated prior to getting access to the Netchex data.  All access to Netchex is through the API requests.
Sales Rep Identifier
Sales rep can be picked up from employees of Netchex. Any time a new hire happens in a date range the respective employees need to be imported. 

Minimum Wage Commissions
Sales compensation for employees is commonly a part of payroll from a business perspective. It is affected by many of the laws and regulations such as taxation for the company. 
Overtime Commissions
Commission can be paid for overtime of employee. The amount can be 1.5 times of their pay rate.
Sales Commission Software that is powerful to handle your unique needs.
QCommission enables you to quickly calculate commission, draw and bonuses, verify results and distribute this information to your account executives, recruiters, consultants and managers. Present the commission information in such a way that your staff clearly understands what they are being paid and why they are being paid at a very detailed level. Excel and manual calculations can introduce a lot of errors in your calculations and cause your staff to lose trust in you. The commission can help avoid that by calculating all commissions systematically and reliably.

Regular Commissions
There is a minimum amount that employers must pay their staff on an hourly basis. If the commission is less than minimum wage, then the company must pay the extra amount as necessary. 
Export Commissions
Companies wanted to export their employees commission. The exported commissions will be loaded into employee’s payroll under Netchex.
Varying Calculations
Pay commissions as a flat percent off revenue or profit. Pay commissions as tiered rates against goal attainment. Pay flat amount bonuses.
Pay many roles
Pay Account Executives, Recruiters, Consultants and Project Managers. Split commissions more than 10 ways. Provide manager overrides.
Adjust Commissions
Chargeback commissions for fallouts. Make manual payout adjustments. Adjust payouts automatically by draws or guarantees.
Integrate with Netchex and get Employee, and Timesheets. Commission statements can be exported to Netchex and viewed as employee's payroll.