QCommission Integration with Ultipro

Sales commission programs are possibly the most variable programs conducted by a firm. These programs tend to vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times within companies in an industry. Sales commission programs tend to be different by employees even within a single firm. Because of the highly variable nature of commission calculations, solutions attempting to solve the problem must be highly sophisticated. At the same time, they should not burden the user with additional complexity in their operations. One key area of complexity is allowing data interchange between the customer's existing accounting systems and the commissions system. A commission system that can understand the structure of the accounting system data and seamlessly bring in the appropriate data necessary for calculating commissions can be a huge benefit in reducing the inherent complexity in that process.

QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software tool. It calculates sales people's compensation accurately, quickly and professionally. QCommission is integrated with QuickBooks® but can also be operated stand- alone.

Launch provides customers with complete visibility into the entire go-live process from one, central location. This comprehensive transparency and additional risk management creates a more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable roll-out experience. UltiPro Launch leverages technology to improve collaboration and data integrity and accelerate time to live. As a result, you can spend more personalized time partnering with UltiPro experts. UltiPro provides a seamless and stress-free deployment experience, simplified and secure handling of people data, Rapid and high-quality data conversions, streamlined data staging and analysis, it reduced need for technical expertise and dependency on legacy vendor services and complete visibility into the entire launch process through one, central location.

Ultipro supplies SOAP web services, a pool of SOAP web services calls for building applications and integrating with Ultipro objects. This set of SOAP web services provides a web-based view of all records, fields, lists, enumerations, operations, warnings, errors, and faults in SOAP web services. The platform also ensures that the third-party product is properly authenticated prior to getting access to the Ultipro data. All access to Ultipro is through the SOAP web services request.

QCommission utilizes a technology called QXchange to integrate to other applications including Ultipro. Specific data access plug-ins (DAP) for different systems can be added to QXchange to integrate with various data sources. A special DAP for Ultipro allows QCommission to exchange data with Ultipro.

Importing Data
Commissions are primarily calculated on Revenue. Revenues are mostly based on invoices entered into the accounting system. The various attributes of invoices can be used in the calculation of commissions. In many situations, sales reps are directly associated with invoices. This can be used in properly crediting the invoice to the sales rep prior to calculating commissions. Other data attributes useful in commission calculations include Quantity, Amount, Customer, Product, etc. 

A key requirement is the ability to only import transactions for the particular commission period that is being currently processed. The QCommission system automatically understands the date range being processed and only brings in the transactions necessary for proper calculations. The system brings in data from Ultipro invoice reports and push it into QCommission as transactions. The transactions will be used to do the calculations. 

QCommission does a tremendous job, understanding the intricacies of the UltiPro as well as the complications inherent in the data integration process. With this ability it integrates the two systems in such a manner that the complexity to the customer is reduced to a minimal level.

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