What Makes QCommission the Best Sales Commission Software?


QCommission was built by CellarStone, Inc., a company that has been around since the year 2000. Being pioneers in the sales commission business, CellarStone’s domain expertise and experience has grown, which has led to QCommission being the best sales commission software not just in the USA, but in the global sales commission space today.  

Our goal is to always satisfy customers by solving their problems. As such, our Customer Success Team is always in touch with our customers, providing top notch service anytime it is needed. Being in constant communication with our customers allows us to be in tune with their needs and wants, and this in turn allows us to regularly make upgrades to QCommission. 
Trusted by over 2000 Customers from over 60 Industries 
With Customers from over 50 Countries 
Over 40 Direct Integrations

Why Choose QCommission?  

  • Ease of Integrations. With over 40 existing direct integrations with the most popular CRM and Finance Systems, sales commission automation has never been easier to implement. Additional integrations are also being continuously added to make integrations easier for even more users. More details here.  
  • Handles Complex Calculations with Ease. We are aware that there is not a one-size fits all sales compensation plan. Each business or company has a sales comp plan that works for them, and the complexity usually increases along with the number of sales reps. QCommission, however, can be tailored to fit even the most complex sales compensation plans with grace and ease.  
  • Available Reports. QCommission currently has at least 150 available reports and analytics that you can choose from, making it faster and easier for you to analyze and share reports. More features here.  
  • Security and Compliance. Because we place a high premium on our customers’ security, we took the necessary steps to ensure that QCommission is GDPR, ASC 606, ISO, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant. More details here. 

“There are a lot of competitors in the market today, but for our customers, QCommission is the best choice based on value, functionality, large install base, and outstanding ability to handle complex computations.” – Gopi Mattel, Founder and CEO, CellarStone Inc. 

But Don’t Take Our Word for It - 
Here’s What Our Customers are Saying  

“The customer support team was superb!! Trying to analyze the multiple plans we currently had grown into. Massive work to get thousands of product lines, from over 40 carriers, into an automated system. It was such a challenge, due to the complexity of our accounts, products, numerous sales rep commission rates. I have worked with many software companies and converted lots of manual accounting systems to more automated systems. QCommission has proven to be the best, efficient, and professional I have ever worked with. The manual system of calculating commissions by Excel numerous ways was a 3-week process for a once a month payroll. Now it’s a one-day process, importing, calculating, and running statements. IT IS SUPERB. If anyone wants a recommendation, I’ll be glad to represent our company for you.” – Debbie Kerley, Director of Business Operations, The Sterling Group 

“[The team’s] effort has always been 100% committed to resolution. I have a very complex commission plan that varies from job to job. QCommission has worked diligently from the initial implementation of my project through changes that have evolved along the way in these years with them. They work smart, are impressive and very committed to customer service. They know that when there is a problem, time is of the essence. I couldn’t be happier with having QCommission as part of my team. It’s helped my life tremendously.” – Fern Klein, COO, Klein Hersh International  

The QCommission Support Team is responsive and has always helped resolve any issues or address questions. I would strongly recommend this tool for any company seeking to efficiently and effectively manage a commission program. QCommission is a versatile and cost-effective web-based system that integrates well with QuickBooks® to manage commission plans that range from the simple to the complex”.” – Robert Antista, CFO, Emporos  

“We have been using QCommission since the beginning of this year and I am very comfortable with the process. The program has definitely taken away the headache of doing commissions. My boss and our team can be 100% confident that they are getting paid their correct commissions each month. We would recommend QCommission to any company that needs to organize their commission process.” – Heather Hamann, Administration Manager, American Information Technology Corporation 

“[The] implementation team was very helpful. We discussed the requirements in a couple of meetings in detail and put together a solid solution that works well for Solvaria. The team we worked with was very patient and cooperative. [QCommission] makes calculating our commissions easy and saves us a lot of time each month. We are able to deliver a more timely report to our salespeople with greater accuracy and less manual intervention,” – Greg Samuels, CEO, Solvaria.