QCommission Features Matrix

This document lists most of the features found in the QCommission product. It is segmented by functional areas. This is not an exhaustive list.

QCommission is available in multiple models. Not all listed features are available in all models.
QCommission can handle most commission needs for companies.

Calendar - Calendar specifies the commission processing schedule for the company.



Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annual Commission processing can be based on these standard frequencies.
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Twice-Monthly Commission processing can be based on these more unusual frequencies.
Compensation year Compensation year can match calendar year. It can also start and end on any date.
User definable processing schedule User can define a calendar with any start and date for any period. Variations include, 4/4/5 week type calendars, 13 month calendars.
Multiple periods Different incentives can be calculated at different frequencies. E.g. Monthly and Quarterly.
Multiple years Commission calculations can cross over multiple years.
E.g. Calculate commissions in November and pay it out in February of next year after the sales revenue is received.
Multiple calendars Maintain multiple calendars in the system to be used for different compensation plans.
Payees - Payees are entities that receive variable payouts. Payees can be employees, external individuals or external companies.
Sales Organization - Sales organization stores the reporting relationship between entities in the organization.
Customer - Customers are the firms and individuals to whom sales is made.
Products - Products and Services are what the company sells.
Commission and Bonus Calculations - Any kind of variable payouts can be calculated by the system. Calculations can include, commissions, bonuses, referrals and royalties.
Reporting - Reports are standard reports for the data available. There are a lot of standard reports available in the system.
Integration - Sophisticated integration facility allows the direct integration of data with other data and application formats.
Adjustments - Adjustments to commissions
Other Data - There are other master data, that can also be used in commission calculations.
Commission Statements - Commission statements are the special, periodic reports provided to payees indicating the commission payout and the detail that made up that commission payout.
Security and Auditing - This Software allows companies to introduce an automated process for defining and paying compensation that provides full auditing to meet US federal regulations.
Modeling and Forecasting - This Software helps companies estimate future impact of changes and predictions.
Internationalization - This Software handles multiple currency calculation for payout. The software utilizes currency rate tables for conversion which can be updated on-demand.
Issue/Case Management - Workflow allows this system to track changes in the system and submit them for approval to specific roles and payees.
Workflow - Workflow allows this system to track changes in the system and submit them for approval to specific roles and payees.
Alerts and Notifications - System can generate alerts and notifications for specific configurable conditions.
Extendability - The application can be extended to solve unique customer needs.
Sandbox Environments - Configuring the rules in the solution, verifying and implementing in production
Technology and Architecture - The software is built on Microsoft technology for easy fit with most organization's technology stack.
General - Other features
Compliance - A strong corporate reputation