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Plan Wizard

The plan is an integral part of QCommission, as the calculations are made based on the plan set for a Payee. It uses a simple and many user-friendly wizards to setup your plan(s). The Plan is comprised of various entities such as (Payee, Incentive, Goals, Credit Rules, Rate Amount etc.) that are required to setup the credit rules, and to set criteria for calculating the payout amount.

Sample Plan Description:

This is the simplest and the most straightforward plan. This sample plan is constructed for the sales rep, "Jliggett". The Sales rep plan comprises single incentive (one incentive attached to the plan).

The incentive is "Monthly All product Revenue Commission". Jliggett will be incented for the every sales made by him in the invoice. The quota/goal is not applied for this incentive. For every eligible transaction he will be getting 10% of the sales amount.

The sales rep is granted a payment of 1000 every month and any amount provided to fulfill that guarantee need not be paid back by the sales rep.

Step01: Enter the plan name and payee name 

Step02: Click on Add Incentive.Select the "Incentive" you want to attach to this plan
Step03: Set the credeting criteria for the payee
Step04: In the summary payout, the guarantee amount $1,000 is set; the sales rep will be paid the guarantee amount every month. The balance amount is not carried forward to the next period.
Step05: Click on the save button to save the plan