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Import Process

Important Note: When the Import process is executed for the first time, make sure that QuickBooks is open and running in the foreground. The first time the import process is run, QCommission uses an interactive login to communicate with QuickBooks™.

Import Specification:

Create/ Modify a specification.
Select the data to import.
Select from import options
Select import options
Select the Invoice type you would like to import
Check if you have more then one payee involved in an invoice
Check to create Payee/territory
Check to cancel import voided transactions in Quickbooks
Check to import adjusted modifications from Quickbooks
Check if you want to import the cost from Quickbooks
Check to create matching between invoice with Estimates/Bills/Purchaseorders
Enter and select the items not to be imported
Import specification is created
Click on the Import button

Now the import process will initiate.Once the progress bar reached 100% the data will be imported to QCommission.

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qb_import process