Plan Management Program

The Plan Management Program is one of the optional services associated with CellarStone’s commission applications. In general, the service supports customers through the process of changing commission programs in the application, through the years.

Customers face the following challenges in managing their commission programs.

  • Loss of commission administration resources and related skills
  • Changes to commission plans occasionally
  • Changes to commission plans at year-end
  • Hiring of new staff under different plan programs
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Identification of past data to be changed in the system
  • Training of users on the system

Customers may be overwhelmed with regular business responsibilities to effectively complete the above significant needs. They may also become unfamiliar with changes due to infrequent use of the more complicated tasks.

The included general support program provided covers bug fixes, maintenance and upgrades. But customers may want more in-depth involvement of our staff for the above business issues and provide the insurance and peace-of-mind they need.

Plan Management Program includes the following services:

  • Knowledge retention of customer’s compensation programs.
  • New Plan Setup - Any new compensation plans used to calculate commissions for payees set in QCommission.
  • Change of Existing Plans - Add/Modify Incentives, credit rules and calculation formulas to an existing plan. Assistance in designing new compensation plans.
  • New Data Import/Export Design and Setup - setting up of imports for new data. Advice on export of data.
  • Fixing of Data Problems - Fixing of data problems that arise due to incorrect processing or other problems, to the extent possible.
  • Update of Existing Custom Reports - Updates to custom reports to accommodate any required changes resulting from the plan changes or new plans.
  • Upgrade Services - Help in upgrading data to new versions of the application.
  • Retraining of existing users and training of new users.
  • First level of support for plan administration.

The Plan Management Program is designed to mitigate these issues for the customer. It provides services coverage to deal with these kinds of issues. Enhancements are not included.

The Plan Management Program is renewable annually. It compares favorably to the potential one-time costs of plan changes, data issues, retraining, etc. It becomes a budgetable and predictable cost.