FeaturedCustomers Names QCommission a Top Performer in Spring 2022 Sales Compensation Software Customer Success Report

Half Moon Bay, California – July 01, 2022 – CellarStone Inc., provider of the leading sales commission software in the market as well as sales performance management software and other solutions, is excited to share that FeaturedCustomers has named QCommission a Top Performer in their Spring 2022 Sales Compensation Software Customer Success Report.

In FeaturedCustomers’ Spring 2022 Customer Success Report for the Sales Compensation Software Category, they defined Top Performers as those with “significant market presence and resources and enough customer reference content to validate their vision. Top Performers’ products are highly rated by its customers.” 

Companies are ranked based on 3 components in order to make it to FeaturedCustomers’ Customer Success Report:

  • Content Score (Includes case studies, testimonials, profile views, customer reference views on Featured Customers platform, etc.)
  • Market Presence Score (Includes number of social media followers, web traffic, SEO key term rankings, press mentions, etc.)
  • Company Score (Includes total number of employees, Glassdoor ranking, etc.)

Some of the featured customer testimonials for QCommission in the Spring 2022 report are the following:

“With QCommission, I am able to calculate and communicate with my mortgage agents’ commissions very easily. QCommission found calculation problems the first time around and saved me money. I’m just tickled pink with this program; QCommission has already paid for itself and more.” – Dennis Loosli, President, Community Lender, Stearns Lending

“I was very happy to see those results. I could see overrides and company commissions being calculated without having to specify them in the transactions. I like the way the statement shows the number of splits on the transactions with the correct commission amounts. I will definitely recommend this solution [QCommission] to others.” – Alexis Blagg, Officer Manager, Westcorp Financial Service

CellarStone’s Founder and CEO, Gopi Mattel, also had this to share, “A lot of us have been highly reliant on manual processes for sales commission processing. Even with tools like spreadsheets, QuickBooks®, etc., the whole sales commission process when done manually can still be extremely time consuming and prone to errors. There are a lot of competitors in the market today, but as you can see, QCommission is the most appropriate choice based on value, functionality, large install base, and ability to handle complex computations. We are happy and grateful that FeaturedCustomers acknowledges our efforts and that they are able to highlight our customers’ testimonials as proof that QCommission can indeed get the job done in a way that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

About CellarStone and QCommission

With more than 1,700 customers located in 50+ countries, Cellarstone, Inc. is a premier firm in the Sales Compensation Management, Sales Operations, and Sales Analytics arena. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems.   

Currently, QCommission has 20 vertical-specific templates, more than 40 direct integrations with the most popular CRM and Finance systems, and at least 150 available reports and analytics.

For more information, please visit www.qcommission.com.