CellarStone Announces Partnership with PLEXIS Healthcare Systems for QCommission

Half Moon Bay, California – May 17, 2022 – CellarStone Inc., provider of the best sales commission software in the market as well as sales performance management software and other solutions, is excited to share its partnership with PLEXIS Healthcare Systems.

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is “a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe. PLEXIS empowers the business of healthcare, igniting growth, innovation, and efficiencies across diverse business lines for payer organizations”. – plexishealth.com

With more than 100 clients across all 50 states in the US and across the globe, PLEXIS has proven time and again the importance of strong and scalable technology for the healthcare industry’s administrative and technological needs.

QCommission, on the other hand, does a tremendous job in effectively and efficiently calculating sales commissions for businesses while remaining at a fair price point. With PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, payer and sales commission technology are tied together in such a manner that the complexity is reduced to a minimal level.

When asked about this partnership, this is what Gopi Mattel, CellarStone’s Founder and CEO, had to say, “A lot of businesses have relied heavily on manual processes over the years. Spreadsheets have become an application, and it shouldn’t be so because it is highly error prone and can cost businesses a lot of money. QCommission has a lot of competitors in the market today, but as you can see, it is the most appropriate choice based on value, functionality, large install base, and ability to handle complex computations. This partnership with PLEXIS makes it possible to reach even more businesses that are need of a simpler and more cost-efficient sales commission process.”

As of this writing, QCommission can readily integrate with more than 30 of the most used accounting and CRM tools like QuickBooks®, Xero, Salesforce (SFDC), and many more.

About CellarStone and QCommission

With more than 1,700 customers located in 50+ countries, Cellarstone, Inc. is a premier firm in the Sales Compensation Management, Sales Operations, and Sales Analytics arena. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems.   

Currently, QCommission has 20 vertical-specific templates, more than 40 direct integrations with the most popular CRM and Finance systems, and at least 150 available reports and analytics.

For more information, please visit www.qcommission.com.

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