CellarStone Announces More Stringent Security Measures for Customer Data and Information

Half Moon Bay, California – April 21, 2022 – CellarStone Inc., provider of the leading sales commission software in the market as well as sales performance management software and other solutions, is pleased to announce the implementation of more stringent security measures for customer data and information.

CellarStone is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all customer information. A multi-layered security approach is now being implemented to protect all the key information mentioned above – constant monitoring and improvement of CellarStone’s applications, systems, and processes are being done to meet the changing demands and challenges of security.

Security procedures and controls are applied to all possible levels to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information stored and processed on CellarStone’s systems to ensure that information is available only to authorized persons as and when required.

Some security measures now being implemented are as follows:

  • 24x7 monitoring by guard force and cameras
  • Data center space is physically isolated and accessible only by specified administrators
  • Fully-managed, hardened, stateful inspection firewall technology
  • Fully-managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Security, visibility, and carrier-class threat management and remediation utilizing Virtual Cloud Networks to compare real-time network traffic, immediately flagging anomalies such as:
    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, worms, or botnets
    • Network issues such as traffic and routing instability, equipment failure, or misconfigurations
    • 24x7x365 Virtual Firewall, IPSec VPN, and IDS support and maintenance
    • 24/7 incident response teams ready to detect and respond to events.

An updated page dedicated to CellarStone Security is available on the company’s website: Click here

When asked about CellarStone’s commitment to providing top-notch security to customer data, this is what Gopi Mattel, CellarStone’s Founder and CEO, had this to share, “We are 100% committed to protecting all of our customers’ information. Their data is vital to their business operations, and therefore to our success. Because security and data protection is a serious matter, we at CellarStone came up with security policies to ensure the protection of all information assets, and to allow the use, access, and disclosure of all such information in accordance with appropriate standards, laws, and regulations. We also commit to consistently update and upgrade these policies and procedures in order to maintain the top-notch data protection that we provide to our customers.”

About CellarStone and QCommission

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Currently, QCommission has 20 vertical-specific templates, more than 40 direct integrations with the most popular CRM and Finance systems, and at least 150 available reports and analytics.

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