Media Industry Sample Reports

Sales Commission Statement - Business Manager
Sales Commission Statement - Sales Manager
Sales Commission Statement - Sales Rep
Payee Ranking by Attainment
Payee ranking by attainment generates the payee's attainment ranking report based on the performance category and the payout period. The attainment report is sorted in descending order, the payee who receives the maximum attainment will be ranked first and displayed on the top, and the other data are followed consecutively
Payee YTD Incentive Summary
Payee YTD Incentive Summary provides details about a single incentive for a payee for the current fiscal year. It displays the goal that was used in the calculation, the total attainment, and calculated payout amount for the selected incentive. You need to select a payee and incentive from the pull-down list. The payout information is grouped by the payout period.
Adjustment for Payee for all Periods
This report provides summary amounts of payout adjustments for all periods, by period, made within the current fiscal year. You need to select a payee from pull-down list.