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Magee Resource Group
QCommission Streamlines Top Management Recruiting Office

Magee Resource Group (MRG) is an award recruiting/placement firm ranking among the top offices in the Management Recruiting International (MRI) family. Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, MRG continues to set records each year in billings and “cash in” with professional recruiters working with client companies and candidates across the United States and Canada. Only 13 years old, MRG has grown to almost 30 account and project managers with a support staff of an additional six officers and administrative staff.

As part of a planned expansion in late 2003, newly-hired controller, Shelby Smith, was tasked with examining each accounting, billing and commissioning process with an eye toward streamlining the entire flow of revenue from the receipt of payments (or “cash in”) to the payroll/commission checks and P&L statement. MRG had recently converted to QuickBooks Pro and although Shelby found it easy to clean up the accounting ledgers, the entire process of taking paid invoices and distributing revenue amounts to commission statements was a huge roadblock to significant progress. Each recruiter had a different plan, some with draws, and others with salaries. In addition, MRG also does a significant subcontracting business and each “deal” may involve three or four different recruiters being paid at different rates for each payment received from a particular client.

QCommission’s ability to take one paid invoice record and process it to multiple payees incentive plans proved to be a huge time saver and the key to a solution that had eluded MRG’s owners up to that point. The interface with QuickBooks also meant that invoice payments would be imported correctly each time and not subject to human error.

“No matter how complex our contract and placement billings, it takes only a few seconds to review and edit, if necessary, QCommission’s transaction database.” Shelby said. “Even last minute payments can be quickly processed, so our recruiters receive their commissions without having to wait for the next payroll cycle.”

Because of the tight schedule, Shelby was also pleased with Cellarstone’s rapid implementation. With only a few days to work with after the Christmas holidays, Cellarstone’s programmers created and tested MRG’s complete software package. “I’ve been delighted with the attention we received both before and after our implementation, says Shelby. “I’ve developed a wonderful relationship with everyone in the company and consider them valuable partners in my task to improve MRG.

Shelby Smith 
Controller, Magee Resource Group