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Innovative Computing Systems - We did some research and finally decided to select QCommission because this is the only software on earth that can calculate on summary line of QuickBooks invoice with splits and Manager Override. No other software could calculate Gross profit from all Purchase orders for the matching paid invoice.
  Dana Cisneros - Office Manager
Innovative Computing Systems
Apptis Technology Solutions, LLC - "The biggest benefit from QCommission has been the turn around time to calculate commissions, decreasing the room for error and duplicate payouts; and the ability to provide commission statements to the Account Team."
  Michelle Wilson - Compensation Administrator
Apptis Technology Solutions, LLC.



 It's Never 2 late -


It’s Never Too Late to Pay Sales Commissions Properly with the Help of QCommission 

Customer Profile

It’s Never 2 Late is a company that delivers dignity through technology by helping older adults realize the full benefits of today’s technology. iN2L (It’s Never 2 Late) helps anyone learn how to use a computer minus the frustration. They have developed a system that allows users to touch their way through the learning process. The same system allows users to progress at their own pace, allowing the whole journey to be a pleasurable one.

Founded in 1999, iN2L’s systems are now installed at more than 2,000 senior living communities across the United States and four countries.

The Problem 

iN2L has a rather complex sales commission structure, which they need to face twice a month. Part of their monthly struggle was updating the sales amount as the credit amount from sales orders, extracting payee data from QuickBooks, splitting commissions, calculating commissions based on invoiced event, and calculating commissions for different roles.

The manual process was inefficient and error-prone. Automating their sales commissions was inevitable if they wanted to step forward. iN2L went on a search for a sales commission software that can handle their complex needs. They came across QCommission and requested for a demo, and they haven’t looked back since.

The Project 

The QCommission team met with Curt Frisch, iN2L’s Director of IT, and discussed everything that needed to be considered in the development of a custom solution. The QCommission team’s focus was to help Curt’s bi-monthly sales commission task easier to manage. The team made sure to consider the following needs when they built iN2L’s custom solution:


  1. Updating of sales amount as the credit amount from sales orders
  2. Extracting of payee data from Quickbooks
  3. Split commissions
  4. Calculating commissions based on invoiced event
  5. Calculating commissions for different roles

To this day, four years down the road, iN2L is still using QCommission for their sales commission needs.


“We have a very irregular and highly complex sales commissions policy. QCommission developers have been able to understand my issues and develop a custom import script that meets my needs.”

         Curt Frisch, Director of IT, It’s Never 2 Late

Recommendation Score
Technology Industry
Name Recommendation Score Comments
Salvatore C.          10

Although the products does not perform all functions needed, it is certainly a time saver.

 Support has been very good over the past couple of years.

Heather H.


Stanley S.          10 Most definitely, I will recommend you to others!
Kristen W.          9  
Taylor H.



I would recommend QCommission to others.