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Case Study


A Renowned Logistics Company Automates Sales Commissions Using QCommission

Customer Profile

A renowned carrier company, one that is widely known in postal and logistics and operates in 220 countries and territories, recently gave in to the need to upgrade their automated sales commission software.

With over 325,000 employees, they can provide solutions to whatever logistics need there is. They do express deliveries worldwide, freight forwarding using planes, trucks, ships, and trains, warehousing services that include everything from packaging to repairs, international mail deliveries, and customized & specialized shipping. Anything related to logistics, they can do it.

The Problem

However, with dozens of payees to handle each pay period, their Sales Compensation Specialist needed help with their sales commission calculations. Their sales commission process was already automated by another company, but the system was not flexible enough to handle their complex needs.

Their Sales Compensation Specialist shares her dilemma, “It traditionally will take me a few days to prepare the upload file for the commission module. After the uploaded data is in the system, it would take another few minutes to calculate and validate all the data for the payout file.”

The old software just wasn’t cutting it for their needs anymore, so she went on a search for one that would make her job a lot less stressful. She eventually found QCommission and chose it because it provides the flexibility she needs with her reports and it has the ability to manage their compensation plan that is multi-tier in hierarchy.

The Project

QCommission could handle all their current requirements and the features from their previous software. It was also able to handle future enhancements to their commission plan that was tested as a part of their implementation project.

The company had more than 100 payees with more than 10 commission incentives across all payees.

The QCommission implementation team worked with their compensation specialist and got all the requirements of their sales compensation plan so that they could properly configure and validate it. The team did everything that was necessary to make sure that QCommission would calculate the company’s sales commissions properly every month, based on their needs.  

The software’s main objective was to calculate and pay commissions on multiple roles depending on how the sale was made, then QCommission has to credit it to the right person. In addition, the commissions were to be calculated for different products at varying commission rates by sales person and their roles.

QCommission is built to handle crediting and calculation extremely easily for any calculation logic, and for statement and reporting purposes, so the logistics companies’ sales compensation needs were all met.


The company’s Sales Compensation Specialist was extremely happy with the support team. This is what she has to say about QCommission:

“Easy to use for admin and sales.  The reports are fantastic. The statements are user friendly. The most intelligent support team, always professional and knowledgeable.”


*** The company featured in this case study has requested that they remain anonymous.