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Furniture and Decor Industry

Case Study


JMC Furniture Selects QCommission for their Sales Commission

Customer Profile

JMC Furniture is an exclusive North American Distributors of Superlative Topalit Tabletops and an authorized North American wholesaler of the world’s finest custom tabletops and other furniture. They sell nation’s finest quality products like Topalit table tops, Cast iron basis, Outdoor basis, Chairs, Barstools, Outdoor chairs, Outdoor barstools and Outdoor lounge. JMC carefully crafts from the most durable woods and composites to resist fading, cracking, chipping, staining, and burning. With best is delivery system, JMC offers fast freight quoting, quick shipping and can accommodate customers with special delivery dates and tracking numbers. JMC Furniture, are dedicated to getting commercial restaurant furniture as fast as possible and at a price that always gives their customers with a competitive advantage.

The Problem

Prior to QCommission, JMC was calculating commission manually using spreadsheet and QuickBooks reports. Andrew Thomson, National Account Manager spends numerous hours in extracting the data into a spreadsheet and massaging the data and to align to their complex commission rules. This manual process led to human errors and a very time consuming task every week. Distribution of commission statement/reports and error resolution is also chews up his busy schedule.

The Project

QCommission implementation team started the project by doing an in-depth discovery meeting with Andrew and his team and configured all the necessary sales compensation plans and fully automated the commission process. QCommission could provide an easy template interface to import all of their complex commission rate schedules for primary, depending and chain payees. In addition to this commission rate the import, the transactions from QuickBooks online was seamless and with just click of a button and all of their current week’s invoices/credits were processed in QCommission. There were 2 different commissions plan incentives configured in QCommission (Sales Rep commission and Manager override commission). The commission statement was laid out in a clean and readable manner for their sales rep and managers. The project was low to medium complex and got completed with within the estimated budget cost, with accurate calculations and all their reporting need.


“QCommission team has been extremely easy to work with, and they have been very prompt and on top of everything. Any issues I had were resolved within 24 hours. Since starting at this company, I have restructured and built every system we use, accounting, phones, CRM software, warehouse management systems. This has been the first company that I have yet to run into one issue with, money, time, or performance.” - Andrew Thomson, Office Manager, JMC Furniture

Furniture and Decor Industry
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