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Energy Sales and Marketing Industry Sales Commission

Download Energy Sales and Marketing Industry Brochure Download Energy Sales and Marketing Industry Brochure

Energy utilities and producers use third party sales and marketing organizations to book business on their behalf. The sales and marketing organizations sign up long-term contracts with residential and commercial customers. The energy producers then bill the customer for consumption. Once that happens, they calculate the commissions due for the sales and marketing firms that brought in the business and pay out periodically with associated reports of business.

QCommission enables you to quickly calculate commission, verify results and distribute this information to your sales reps, agents and other staff. You can present the commission information in such a way that the sales people clearly understand what they are being paid and why they are being paid at a very detailed level. Excel and manual calculations can introduce a lot of errors into your calculations and cause your sales people to lose trust in you. QCommission can help avoid that by calculating all commissions systematically and reliably.

Compadmin Dashboard

Calculate Accurately with Flexible Rules

QCommission provides a lot of flexibility to set up commission plans that are unique to your company and your payees.

  • Pay commission by types of contracts or customers
  • Pay commission by Commercial or Residential deals
  • Calculate commissions based sales revenue or units
  • .Pay commissions at time of invoicing, at time of payment or when installation is done
  • Pay different commission rates for sales reps, managers
  • Pay commissions as a portion of results, flat amounts, tier rate with thresholds, etc.
  • Pay commissions as a flat amount per unit consumed.
  • Associate Customer to salespeople and pay commissions.
  • Release commission payments by project stages.
  • Calculate incentives as often as you want.
  • Handle cancellations and adjustments.
  • Split Sales commissions between multiple payees.
  • Pay overrides to sales managers.
  • Enter/modify sales transactions directly.
  • Pay draws or guaranteed payouts.

Import/ Export

QCommission is designed to integrate with QuickBooksTM,, Sage Peachtree MS Dynamics GP, MS Dynamics Axapta and many others.  QCommission can also accept Excel, fixed file and delimited format files. QCommission can also process some PDF format files.  QCommission can also operate stand-alone.

  • Import data from accounting system including Invoices, Expenses, Payees, Customers and Products.
  • Import from Excel, PDF and fixed or text-delimited files.
  • Restrict Transaction import using a date range.
  • Export Commissions payouts for accounts payable and payroll
  • Export data to Excel, and fixed or text-delimited file formats.
  • Eliminate shipping, tax charges from calculations

Sales Rep Dashboard


QCommission stores all data entered and all payout calculations.

  • Produce detailed commission statements by payee.
  • Reproduce commission statements for prior periods.
  • Analyze historical transaction and payment information
  • Email commission statements to payees.
  • View commission statements through the web.

Case Study

Innovative Computing Systems computes sales commissions using QCommission.


Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. (ICS) has focused on the technology needs of law firms since 1989 with a professional staff utilizing multiple platform certifications to design and implement stable, secure and effective solutions for its clients. ICS services include the design, planning, deployment, and support of Local and Wide Area Networks, with voice and data integration expertise. Their methodology combines industry best practices and product knowledge. ICS delivers efficiency through technology and is committed to the success of their clients. Their expertise and reputation for successful implementations make them a premier solution provider to the legal industry.

Normally, it would take the ICS sales commission team about a week to calculate commissions in Excel. ICS used Channel Online to capture order information. Channel Online then pushes the data into QuickBooks to create invoice and purchase order but the products/items did not match between invoices and purchase orders. This was required to figure out the appropriate cost and the gross profit. Calculating gross profit was the most time consuming work because the cost for hardware items were in the purchase order and the cost for service items was a fixed percentage. In addition, the volume of transactions was a nightmare to handle, with different line items being calculated differently.

ICS has to calculate commissions for five payees: their Regional Account Managers, Project Managers and VP of Sales. Commissions are paid on a quarterly basis, when invoices are paid by the customers. In addition they also wanted to handle split commissions between multiple payees. Payee was assigned at the invoice level but they needed to split commissions at an individual invoice line level.  Multiple payees needed to be identified at the invoice line level.  The CellarStone implementation team helped them figure out a solution to this problem.

Dana Cisneros, office manager at ICS said , “We did some research and finally decided to select QCommission because this is the only software on earth that can calculate on summary line of QuickBooks invoice with splits and Manager Override. No other software could calculate Gross profit from all Purchase orders for the matching paid invoice.”

QCommission is powerful and flexible sales commission software. It calculates sales people’s compensation accurately and reduces errors related to spreadsheets and manual methods. QCommission allowed the very complex calculations required by ICS to be handled in the system.

“The project was very well executed by the implementation team. Right from the kick off meeting, the implementation team gathered most of the requirements. The software was delivered on time with very good professional training. The implementation team provided excellent service whenever we called them and even guided us in running the first period.” says Dana.

QCommission has provided value to ICS by saving the team’s valuable time, reducing it from 1 week to a couple of hours – and producing accurate and professional looking commission statements with no errors in commission calculation.

“We will definitely refer QCommission to other prospects and share our benefits and experience especially to those who use Connect-wise and Channel Online. It is no exaggeration that the software has reduced our one week of manual calculation down to a couple of hours, it’s a wonderful product.” says Dana.