FAQ - System Requirements

1. What are the system requirements to install QCommission?

The system requirements to install QCommission are:

Intel based processors or compatible
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 and higher
256 MB RAM or more
200 MB of hard disk space
Recommended resolution is 1024 X 768
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
The QCommission Premier requirements are

QCommission Premier - System Requirements

This document discusses the technical requirements for the QCommission Premier solution. QCommission Premier can be installed in a customer environment as well as hosted on customer's behalf. The technology description below is for local installation in customer environment.
Software Requirements

QCommission Premier is built on standard Microsoft technology. This makes for a reliable platform for the product and the easy availability of resources for support of the product. The choices allow the product to fit into most customer's technology environments easily.
Category Options
Server Operating Systems Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2
Server Database MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008, MS SQL Server 2008 R2
Web Server (Optional) IIS Version 5.0 and higher
Client Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Language C#, .Net Framework Version 4.6.1
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

Hardware Requirements

Standard off-the shelf hardware running Microsoft technology is adequate for accommodating QCommission Premier. In most situations customers do not have to acquire any additional hardware to use QCommission Premier. The sizing are based on based some data assumptions listed below, but individual customer requirements will vary. During our engagement we can provide a fine-tuned estimate of sizing based on data retention, plan complexity, number of payees, etc.

Category Minimum Recommended
Server Processor Pentium IV Dual Processor
Server RAM 1 GB 2 GB
Server Disk Space 2 GB 8 GB
(Dev, QA and Production environments)
Client Processor Pentium IV Pentium IV Dual Core
Client RAM 512MB 1 GB
Client Disk Space 250MB 500MB

System Requirements FAQ

Is it a requirement to run this database on a stand-alone server, or can it co-exist with other databases?

The database can be installed with other databases. It does not have to reside on a separate server. If the load from the multiple databases grows to a point where performance is impacted, then you can consider moving it to a separate server.

Is anything other than MS SQLServer required on the database server?

No other system software is required on the database server other than MS SQLServer. There are components of the QC application that can be installed on the database server. These components can also be installed on a separate server.

Is any internet access software required? Where will this be located?

There is an optional module that allows access of commission statements through the web. Microsoft IIS is required for this module. This system software can reside on database server, or on a separate server.

Where is the application installed? Is it on its own server or shared on the database server?

The client application is installed on the administrator's desktop. The server application can be installed on the database server or on a separate server.

What are the database security requirements?

The ideal configuration is: A single Web Server where IIS will be installed and the application web code (ASP) is resident.
A separate server for the SQL Server database (inside the fire wall)
Web Server communicates with the SQL Server.The database server will not be exposed to the outside world and is fully secured.

How is user access to the database controlled?

The database security settings are honored. The application uses a couple of standard user ids to access the database. Individual user security is managed within the application by the commissions' administrator. Individual user ids and security are established within the applications and governs functional security.

How large is production database estimated to be? How long must the data reside in the database? Does it ever get purged, and so if the purge an automated process?

Database size varies based on the kind of compensation plans being implemented. This will be determined during the requirements analysis and design phase. Please see estimate specified above. Other environments that may be required based on customer needs are: Development

Acceptance TestingData has to reside in the system for a minimum of 12 months. Customer will choose to determine how many years of past history they will retain in the system. This will be decided in the requirements analysis and design phase.
There is a year end purge process within the system that can be used to remove unneeded data.