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PBS Global Inc, is a leading Business Sale Intermediary based in South Eastern USA. Located in Melbourne, Florida, PBS has seen stunning growth in the last few years.

Brian Renneisen, CFO of PBS Global had been looking for a long time to get a good solution to calculate his sales commissions. Brian had to pay commissions for about 40 people on a weekly basis. Commission plans differed between various sales people. In addition he had to pay overrides to his sales managers. Trying to do this using Excel and paper was just a very difficult task.

He had been looking for an automated solution for his problem for quite a while and had found no viable software product. When he found out that CellarStone had released, QCommission, a flexible software for calculating and paying commissions for companies at his size, he was intrigued. He jumped at the chance to be an early adopter of the product.

Almost two years later, Brian has this to say about the QCommission product:

“It has decreased the time it takes me to compute payroll for all my employees. It creates a simple to use emailable report that I can send to them directly to tell them what they are getting paid for. There have been bugs like in any new software but overall it has helped me tremendously in the time taken to compute what to pay my reps.

On going support has been excellent. The staff is always willing to help overcome a problem that you encounter or entertain ideas to make their software better for future versions. They have been available for discussions at all times.

They even follow up frequently to check how I am doing and whether they can help. They have provided upgrades to the software and helped me through any difficulties I have run into.

I would recommend QCommission to any firm that has to track multiple levels of commissions for managers and employees.

Brian Renneisen - CFO
PBS Global