Construction Solar Sales Commission

Construction Solar Sales Commission
Increase Accuracy
Reduce errors in sales commissions. Audit changes and calculations. Increase trust in calculations. Reduce sales people call.
Reduce Time and Effort
Reduce data entry. Run commissions within minutes. Produce is commissioned statements automatically. Communicate commissions clearly.
Reduce Costs
Automatically calculate and reduce administrator time. Reduce costs due to errors. Avoid "Shadow Accounting" by agents.
Customer Testimonial

"Our company uses a hire breed version of QuickBooks®. and though the makers of QuickBooks® (Intuit) have created a formidable all-around business software, they have not been able to create a commission add-on to their package. This has been an issue for many years, and we have tried many independent software programs with very minimal success. A few years back our accountant mentioned a program called QCommission by CellarStone. I did a little research, made an inquiry, and I had a good feeling that this program was different, and I immediately felt a very professional relation with their support team. QCommission was the answer to our problems, and it continues to be a seamless and outstanding third-party software to QuickBooks®. The very best part is when I have a question, request, or need the support team is always ready to assist, and always fulfill my needs! I completely trust this company and their products, and I highly recommend them".

Match unique Construction Solar Needs
Construction Solar firms sales representative, earn generous commissions by promoting innovative solar solutions tailored for construction projects. From on-site power generation to eco-friendly building integration, capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable energy in the construction industry. Take advantage of the growing demand for solar solutions in construction and be rewarded for your sales achievements.
Project based Commissions
Compute commissions based on invoices, payments, or a combination of both. Distribute commissions for prepayments to ensure fair compensation.
Sales Rep/Installer Commissions
Compute commissions across, encompassing Sales Rep, Project Managers, and Installers. 
Profit based Sales Commissions
Calculate sales commissions on profit of materials. Profit of project can change over time and the payment has to be adjusted.
Sales Commission Software that is powerful to handle your unique needs.
QCommission allows you to efficiently compute commission, draw, and bonuses. It also enables you to verify the results and share this information with your account executives, recruiters, consultants, and managers. By presenting commission details clearly, your staff will have a thorough understanding of their payments and the reasons behind them. Relying on Excel and manual calculations can introduce numerous errors, leading to a loss of trust from your staff. QCommission can prevent such issues by consistently and accurately calculating all commissions.
Credit Sales
Grant credit sales to customers, projects, or milestones in the construction solar sector. Extend credit sales to project managers for seamless financial facilitation.
Pay on Measures
Earn commissions on invoice and project revenue, materials profit, and billable hours in the construction solar sector. Calculate labor rates and overheads for enhanced profits
Varying Calculations
Compensate sales in construction solar with flat percentage off revenue or profit, tiered rates based on goal achievement, or flat amount bonuses.
Pay many roles
Pay Project Managers, Sales Managers, Installers and Sales Reps. Split commissions more than 10 ways. Provide manager overrides.
Adjust Commissions

Chargeback commissions for reduced profit. Make manual payout adjustments. Adjust payouts automatically by draws or guarantees.


Integrate with Accounting systems such as QuickBooks®/MS Dynamics/Sage,, etc. Import invoices and paid invoices. Export to AP and Payroll.