Commission Administration Program

Commission Processing Program is one of the optional services associated with the QCommission family of products. In general the service supports customers in administering the commission calculation process every commission pay period.

Customers face the following challenges in managing their commission programs.

  • Loss of commission administration resources
  • Part-time or irregularly available resources
  • Lack of commissions understanding and skills in resources
  • High costs of full-time or part-time employee due to the purpose of calculating commissions
  • Turnover of staff leading to inability to administer commissions

This program literally provides our resources to make sure your commissions are calculated and delivered to the payees accurately and on-time.

This program largely replaces the need for an internal resource to administer the commissions process. Any service request related to commission administration will be responded within 24 hours. It uses the existing system as is and does not assume any customization will be done to the system (see Plan Management Program for customizations - which is a pre-requisite to opt for this program). Customer can still make changes to the system, such as modifying customer data.

Commission Administration Program includes the following services:

  • New Payee Addition - Adding new payees to the system as they are hired and notifying them of access. Providing instructions to reps as to access.
  • Associate Plans to Payees - Associating existing plans to the new payees and verifying their accuracy.
  • Terminate Existing Payees - Terminate existing payee so commissions are not calculated any more but data is retained.
  • Importing of Data Files - getting extract files from the customer, reformatting as appropriate, importing the data and resolving any issues in data.
  • Periodic Plan Calculation - Calculating all commission results as appropriate in the periodic cycle chosen.
  • Preliminary Statement Verification - reviewing results for obvious and inevitable errors and communicating to company for further review.
  • Adjustments Handling - handling adjustments required.
  • Final Statement Verification - review after any further changes to data and adjustments and informing payees as to availability of statements.
  • Issue Resolution - Resolving any system issues related to commission statements as raised by payees.
  • Closing Periods - closing period after calculations and moving to new periods.
  • Year End Process - closing the year, archiving data and setting up new year calendars and data.
  • Reporting - executing and providing standard available reports on request.
  • Extracts - executing and providing standard available data on request.

The Commission Administration Program is designed to mitigate these issues for the customer. It provides services coverage to deal with these kinds of issues.

The Commission Administration Program is renewable annually. It compares favorably to the potential one-time costs of plan changes, retraining, etc. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing and other details.