Women Vs Men: Who Does Better in Sales?

This is an age-old question that crops up every now and then among salespeople and leaders. Furthermore, what an opportune time to talk about the gender advantage in sales when we are still celebrating International women’s month? Generally, we cannot underrate the fact that how well a person does in any job depends, by far, on them, regardless of their gender. Their effort, dedication to growing their skills, and focus on providing exceptional services sets them apart.

Nevertheless, when it comes to sales, each gender has some specific traits that can make them perform better in certain situations. Since there are common traits many successful salespeople possess, we look at how females and males fair in demonstrating such characteristics. Thankfully, there is plenty of scientific research and observation by successful business people that we will base our discussion on. 

1. Effective Listening and Communication  

According to a study by a team of scholars at Cambridge University, females are better listeners compared to males. Based on the research, parts of the brain associated with the ability to listen are more prominent in females’ brains. It’s also believed that women are better communicators than men, something they begin developing since they are children.   

Now, if women talk and listen better than males, this combination of attributes predisposes them for higher chances of success in a sales job. “But women talk more, yet men are silent when customers are talking,” one might quip! Now, being silent when customers are talking doesn’t mean that one is listening. What if the mind is wandering?  

The crucial attribute here is the ability to listen skillfully – with proper understanding and conception of what the other person is saying. It also involves paying attention to details. This way, the salesperson can uncover information about the client that communicates their needs and concerns. Besides, by extracting useful information about the client’s needs, women can construct stronger and more effective selling points, thus increasing their chances of closing a deal. 

2. Empathy  

The ability to relate to and consider other’s situation or feelings is a key ingredient in any trustworthy and dependable relationship. Salespeople forge such relationships with their clients to ensure perpetual selling. Good salespeople don’t just look for a onetime kill, but a long-term beneficial relationship.  

Now, it’s a popular belief that women are more empathetic compared to men. However, research also supports that women are more compassionate and understanding to other people’s thoughts than men. This works to their advantage when it comes to executing sales roles better. 

3. Motivation for Success 

When a salesperson is given an opportunity for advancement to a leadership position, they’ll strive to do well so as to gain the promotion. Now, we still have a limited number of females in leadership, something that triggers companies to want to promote any qualified woman to such positions. This can push women salespersons to strive for excellent results just to gain management positions. 

4. Persistence in Prospecting  

Dave Kurlan writes on Evencarmichael.com that women are likely to do cold calling 25% more than men. He goes further to state that women have higher chances of getting the attention of their prospects. If one is not making enough calls, it means that they limit their selling opportunities. Since women persist in making calls, even when they don’t feel like it, it gives them an edge over men when it comes to amassing sales opportunities. 



In a sales role, it’s the results that count. Every company wants a sales rep that hunts fervently and brings in the spoils. This is because sales are a business’ lifeblood. But, if the gender can give an edge, then it’s up to a business to think about what’s profitable for them when hiring.