Why You Should Consider QCommission as Your Next Sales Compensation Software

When shopping for a software solution, one of the challenges many businesses face is finding an unbiased review of a prospective system. With every provider praising their software solutions, buyers have little practical information to gauge how a system will perform and if it’s worth their investment. They are left with the option of trying the system and learn about its efficacy on the job. This is risky, costly and, in some instances, a waste of time.

What if you can actually assess a sales compensation program prior to purchasing it through customers’ voice? This is what G2 Crowd helps you to achieve. By collecting reviews of different software solution by real users and comparing them, businesses can assess a system based on the experience of those who already used it before buying.

To help us determine why QCommission is worth considering for your next sales compensation software, let’s refer to a recent report by G2 Crowd comparing 5 common sales compensation software products. Comparisons were done based on results of real customer reviews of a product – they were asked how satisfied they were with a product in terms of its different performance aspects.

If you analyze the G2 Crowd report, you’ll notice a peculiar rating with the second software.

Did you notice that QCommission was only rated low in the category “other factors”? It actually scored higher than the rest of the software solutions in every other aspect. In retrospect, those who had used QCommission felt that it met their expectations better than any other software, had high ROI and would be happy to recommend it.

Why does QCommission stand out?

When shopping for sales compensation software, there are important features to consider. If you are to get a software with the best returns on investment (ROI), then the following key features should matter to you:

1. Ease of Integration with Other Business Software Solutions

What’s an incentive compensation solution that cannot integrate with existing software? It’ll mean that you need to overhaul most of your business systems like those to do with accounting, client management, administration, and others.

Thankfully, QCommision is not only built to work as a standalone system but also integrates seamlessly with leading business software such as Quickbooks, Oracle Fusion, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics. This makes the transfer of data across systems for calculation of incentives, distribution, and processing of payments a breeze.2

2. Ease of Customization 

Are you in manufacturing, staffing, accounting, investment management, or technology? It’s clear that sales compensation plans for these industries are varied. For this reason, you’ll need a system that can be easily personalized to meet the compensation plan of your specific business.

QCommission is a sophisticated system that allows you to configure your incentives calculations to match what you already have in place. Besides, the administrator can set different fields on the system such as products, customers, payee, incentives and quotas depending on what parameters their compensation plan uses.

3. Versatile and Scalable 

Businesses are always growing and their needs change with time. To avoid the need for investing in a new system when you add other aspects of your business or sales compensation plan, choose a program that’s versatile and upgradable. 

QCommission isn’t just applicable in different industries but also scalable to meet growing business needs. The versatile system can also calculate and manage various types of incentives including split commissions for several sales reps, commissions on sales orders, commission rated by accomplishment, overrides for team leaders, subtraction of expenditure from commissions, and others.

4. Easy to Use

Otherwise, you’ll be spending on IT support or training of your staffs. To avoid this, you need a system that your workers can easily grasp within the time allocated by the vendor for training or induction. QCommission is based on Microsoft technology which makes its interface familiar to most users who are already computer literate.


Your hunt for good incentives payment software won’t be limited by the four factors only. Other important functions of a sales compensation system are tracking and input of each salesperson’s figures, accounting and error-free allocation of incentive-based payments, as well as analysis and reporting to help improve sales performance. You can enjoy all these functions and more with QCommission sales compensation system.

An automatic system will be the workhorse of your sales compensation plan. Your staff can use the extra time to concentrate on other tasks. Besides, when the work is done in good time, the business may not have to pay overtime and related expenses. Also, accurate reporting of commission payables means not many salespeople are complaining about their payments. In this case, they are busy in the fields sourcing for customers and closing more deals.

  • Track Sales, Commissions, and Bonuses

With these systems, you no longer have to rely on a single person when it comes to the knowledge of sales commission. For every sales activity keyed in, the system updates with results of commissions payable and bonuses, and all concerned parties can take note of the status from their portal. If you are the manager, sales person or accountant, it’s actually possible to predict the budget for payments in advance, or the expected salary, using this data.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Every business wants to determine whether their sales department is bringing in revenue or not and at what rate. These systems don’t just tell you how much payment each salesperson gets, but you can also generate accurate and comprehensive reports that show the overall performance of a sales department anytime of the year.


The benefits of commission automation can go on and on. This also depends on the software you use.  But, one outstanding factor here is that spreadsheets are no longer efficient tools for calculating sales commissions especially for non-experts in data processing with spreadsheets. So, get rid of the head ache related to commission management and start using sales commission software like QCommission or Easy-Commission.