Tips on How You Can Keep Your Customers Happy

When your customers are happy, your business almost automatically will have a greater chance at achieving an increase in sales. It has been proven time and again that a happy customer is much more likely to come back and for a repeat purchase - thus personalizing the customer experience is a winning strategy. Businesses nowadays are focusing more on building relationships, because delighting existing customers is just as important as attracting new ones.

Ensuring that your customers are satisfied with your business is one of the keys in creating a long-term relationship with them. Existing customers have already bought from you, so unless they had a disappointing experience, they will buy from you again. You want to make sure customers have a great experience using your product or service, so they are not only buying again, but ideally, spreading the word about you or your products/services through referrals. Selling to existing customers is less focused on price, as opposed to selling to new customers. Once you build a relationship with your customer and once trust is there, it is easier to convince them to purchase even more of your products or services.

Happy customers will refer you to other customers. When a recommendation comes from someone who has used your services, it has an extra layer of credibility and trust.

Customer loyalty is your goal, but that can only be achieved if you are in good standing with them. Your best customers are also your best salespeople. When they are happy, they will provide testimonials, leave reviews, and most importantly, refer your product or services to them. Providing top notch and personalized customer service can win your clients’ hearts and make your business well-known to your target group.

In SaaS, customer retention is measured by how long someone stays subscribed to your services.

How can you keep your customers happy? Here are a few tips:

1. Acknowledge your customers’ needs in a timely manner - may it be questions, concerns, or requests. Always be quick to respond. If you gave a timeframe for getting back to them, always honor that. Everyone’s time is valuable.

2. Personalize your interaction by greeting them whenever possible. Send holiday greetings, or even birthday greetings to make them feel special.

3. Whenever your customer encounters issues, follow-up proactively. Regularly give them a status update through a phone call or an email.

4. An interesting monthly newsletter is a fantastic way of keeping customers informed. It also helps remind them of your business regularly.

5. Set yourself apart from your competition. How ever your competition is treating their customers, try and exceed that.

6. If possible, request that they complete a short survey related to the services or products that they have received from you. People are usually happy to express themselves and will often tell you about their experiences with your company. Don’t forget to ask what you can do to make their experience even better

7. Make them feel special by sending thank you notes whether through snail mail or email. You can send a personalized thank you note along with an invoice.

Keeping your existing customers satisfied is one of the best ways to ensure your company’s income, so it wouldn’t hurt to always look into new and innovative ways to make sure you make them feel valued. After all, your customers are your business.