Sales Commission Calculator to Increase Sales Success

A commission is a fee that businesses pay their sales persons every time they facilitate or complete a sale. Sales persons work hard for their commissions because it provides them with extra income. For some sales persons, it is their only income.

The online Commission Calculator (commission-calculator) is used to calculate how much commission you will earn from a sale. The Sales Commission Calculator add-on gives you the freedom to set commission on percentage. When you manually process commissions for your sales team, you are likely to experience a lot of stress every pay period. Not to mention the excessive amount of time spent to ensure that your numbers are in on time and, most importantly, completely accurate.

With a sales commission calculator, you won't have to waste time and effort. The QCommission calculator was designed specifically to save time, protect you against errors, and give employees visibility into their payments. One of the most important parts of your payout process is calculating commissions accurately for your salespeople. You can use this sales commission calculator to help you increase your team's sales success. It's free and easy to use.

Use QCommission Calculator to Pay People Properly

This free online sales commission software can help you quickly determine how much sales commission you or your sales rep can get from a sale. All you need to do is input the revenue and the commission rate, and you’re all set!

Also, this free online commission calculator lets you remove the expenses so you can calculate just the profit. “The commission amount can be determined from the sales amount (revenue) or Gross profit. You can even enter the quota / goal values and determine the attainment percent to calculate the commission over and above quota.”

If you have complex sales commission plans, check out QCommission can take care of simplifying your complex sales commission calculations for you, so you can Pay People Properly.

Additional Benefits of Using QCommission for Sales Commission Calculation:

  • Reduce errors in sales commissions calculation
  • Pay commissions on time
  • Simplify complex commissions plans
  • Clear communication
  • Complete reporting ability
  • Integrates with MS Dynamics Great Plains, MS Dynamics Axapta, QuickBooks, and many more
  • Can operate standalone
  • Track sales, commissions, and bonus
  • Reduce administrative time and effort
  • Reduce administrative and overpayment costs
  • Increase trust and morale
  • Increase productivity

Stress-Free, Exceptional Profits

Sales is a stressful occupation. Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to meet quota, convert quickly, and keep approval rankings high. Just the right amount of stress can be beneficial for salespeople as it motivates them to achieve their commissions and sales incentives targets, etc. Find ways to balance and motivate your reps at all levels. Employee happiness should be one of the top priorities for any employer. One of the absolute necessary parts of that process is making sure they get paid on time accordingly. Our sales commission calculator can help keep an employee stress free and motivate them to be more productive.

Sales Tips for Success

  • Keep your trials short - the shorter the better
  • Optimize your email campaign for success
  • Call every trial signup user within 5 minutes
  • Give a great product demo in a short period of time
  • Great salespeople follow up relentlessly
  • Are you setting your prices too high, too low or, just right?
  • An annual sales plan will help increase sales
  • Avoid giving discounts - it destroys your sales
  • Generate more qualified leads


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