QCommission’s Top 10 New Features 2021

2021 has thus far been a very busy year for our QCommission team. We know that you rely on us to simplify your sales commission process, so we’ve been working on adding even more new features to QCommission that may be of greater help to you.

In this post, we have put together a list of the top 10 new QCommission features to date.

1. Icon Ability in Plan Document

Each plan section can now have its own icon (image) so that the plan section can be made more meaningful. It can be exported to PDF and shared with a team. Online access can also be given to Sales Reps.

2. Bulk Editing Ability for Transactions

Multiple transactions can be searched based on a criterion and updated all at once. For example, payments by region can be updated for multiple transactions with a single click.

3. Generate Transaction Ability

Transactions can now be generated dynamically with a pre-defined set of values. For example, transactions that need repetitive entries for each month can be generated dynamically.

4. List Page Multi-Sort Ability

More than one column of transactions can be sorted and viewed at the same time. For example, invoices sorted by month and lines can be viewed together.

5. User Impersonation Ability

Administrators can now view application pages like Sales Manager / Sales Rep. This would allow the Admin to ensure Salespersons do not have access to confidential pages or restricted records.

6. Any Field Support in Structure Based Crediting

Any of the transaction fields (except date and amount fields) can now be included in structure-based credit rule. This gives the flexibility to accommodate any kind of changes in plan crediting structure.

7. Roll-Up Crediting

Managers can now get credit for sales made by Salespersons down the line in hierarchy. For example, Sr. Sales Managers can get credit for sales made by a Manager who reports to him as well as the Manager’s subordinates.

8. Chat Ability with File Sharing Option

Admins as well as Salespersons can now do a quick chat on commission-related queries. Sales Managers can initiate chats with subordinates as well as superiors. A Sales Rep can initiate a chat with managers and the like above him or her in the same hierarchical structure. Administrators can chat with anyone in the organization. For example, a Sales Rep can initiate a chat with an Admin on commission processing difference and attach a screenshot of the commission statement in question.

9. Credit Based on Any Field in Transaction

Crediting is not limited to just a few fields anymore. Any text field in transactions including the user-created field can now be included as part of crediting. This makes the crediting process much more flexible across different industries.

10. Plan Sections and Related PDF Export Supports Formatting

The text section of a plan now recognizes almost all sentence/word formats. Entire plan agreement structures can be replicated with very limited additional effort. The same formatting gets retained once the plan is exported as a PDF.

A complete list of all QCommission features can be viewed HERE.