QCommission Releases List of Top 10 New Features as of June 2022

Because the QCommission Team believes in listening to and understanding our customers’ needs, we have been hard at work this year to provide current and future customers alike with software upgrades that our customers have been requesting for. 

So now, halfway through the year, we present you with QCommission’s Top 10 New Features.

Top 10 New QCommission Features as of June 2022:

1. QCommission is now ASC606 Compliant

  • Now has the ability to handle amortization of commissions based on the duration of contracts.
  • Now allows to define a standard frequency on which expenses have to be amortized, as well as provides custom frequency option. For example: Commissions for a 3-year contract can be amortized every month for the 1st year and then annually for 2 years.

2. QCommission now integrates with ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Expenses, Zoho Books, and SOS Inventory.

  • Sales maintained in Zoho Books can now be imported directly into QCommission with just a few clicks. .

3. QCommission now has Spanish and French language support.

4. Records from any page within QCommission can be shown as tabular structure in the plan document. For example, Territory and Named Accounts can now be listed in a page and it’ll also be reflected in the related Payee’s plan document dynamically.

5. Data from Time Entry object can now be pulled to QCommission from ConnectWise Manage®.

6. Support for picklist is now available in the Case Management page. A picklist control say, Client ID, can be added dynamically to Case Management and more than one client can be associated to the case. For example, a Sales Rep can create a statement related to multiple clients as a single request.

7. Case Management has been fine-tuned to improve usability.

  • Supporting documents can now be attached when adding a new case.
  • Multiple clients can now be linked to the same case. .
  • Choosing fields to view can now be done on the fly.

8. New dynamic display of Rate Lookup in plan document. It’s now easier to include the commission rate with ranges statically; QCommission is now capable of identifying the related rate lookup and show it in the plan document.

9. QCommission now has basic CRM capabilities. Sales can now be tracked right from Lead until the Prospect becomes a Customer.

  • Lead, Customer, Opportunity, and Contact Pages are included in this new feature.
  • Notes has been modified to allow tracking of all activities.
  • Emailing is now easier with an upgraded Compose Email page. It is now simpler to attach files to the email as well.
  • Upgraded phone call ability from any record like Lead, Contact.
  • New Widgets and Reports are now available to track sales primarily on hot opportunities.

10. Configuration based on the Markup% field value from QuickBooks® Online is now supported.

The QCommission Team aims to give customers with even more new features before the year ends, so we are looking forward to sharing those with all of you.