How to Quickly Close More Deals

All sales reps and business owners want to close more sales every month. Some sales reps seem to do it effortlessly, while some struggle to make a sale. Here, we’ll share tips that can help you close more deals and ring in more sales.

Identify Your Prospects

Identifying prospects that actually need your product or services is the key to beginning your sales process. You can spend hours on end making calls and pitching, but if you’re not finding the right people, all your efforts would be in vain.

Sit back and really think about who you should be talking to. A methodical way of doing this would be to go in your records and look at your list of existing customers. What were the pain points that they were trying to solve when they reached out to you? What made them buy from you? What industry are they in? These questions will help you find other companies or businesses that might be experiencing the same pain points that you can solve.

Always remember that beyond everything, people are more interested in what your product or service can do for them. To be a truly great sales rep, you need to be able to put your prospect and your customers’ needs at the center of everything that you do throughout the entire sales cycle.

Respect Your Prospects’ Time

So you’ve found your ideal prospects and were able to successfully schedule a sales call or demo with them. Make sure to prepare all your slides ahead of time, and be there (whether physically or online) at least 10 minutes ahead of your prospect.

Set a clear agenda so that your prospect knows what he or she is on for. This will help set the tone for your meeting, and will help ensure that you are both working towards the same goal.

There may be instances wherein your prospect might have to cancel or postpone, and that’s okay. As much as possible, however, do not be the one to cancel or postpone. By sticking to your schedule or agreed upon date and time, it shows that you value their time. You can also benefit from adhering to scheduled meetings or demos because it can help you manage your time better.

If you don’t have enough meetings or demos in a week, then it means you need to spend more time finding prospects and work harder on scheduling a call with them.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You only get one shot at doing a sales presentation or demo. Do not mess it up.

Build confidence and a relationship with your prospect by doing some research beforehand. Get to know them so that you can take your presentation to new levels. Having some common ground or being able to discuss something they are familiar with can help set a positive tone to your meeting.

There are times when your prospect isn’t really ready to purchase just yet because they’re still in the research phase. This is one of the biggest reasons why you have to be able to make such a good impact during your presentation. You want them to remember you even after they’ve had meetings with your competitors.

Practice ahead of time until you’ve fully mastered your presentation. Speak with confidence and believe in what you are selling. You have to be the first one to truly believe that what you’re offering can help solve your prospects’ problems, because if you don’t believe it then neither will your prospect.

Look Back and Review

If you notice that you are not closing at least half of your prospects in a week, it may be time to review your presentation. In most cases, you just have to make some adjustments to be able to really hook them in. Get in touch with your high performing peers and get some pointers. If you have spare time, it is also a good idea to observe how they do a pitch or presentation. Take down notes and try to mimic some of the best practices that you picked up. Record them if you have to, then practice, practice, practice.

Once you have your best presentation mastered, then you can go back in and be your most confident and congenial self while doing your presentation. Do remember to not overstep your boundaries though. Be confident, but do not be over-eager, otherwise, you might just push them away.