How to Find the Best Sales Compensation Software

Times change. Businesses change, and when they change for the better, they grow. Sales is often the biggest factor in a business' growth, and as such, many factors within sales are affected. One such factor is the sales compensation plan. A simple and straightforward sales compensation plan is what every Sales Manager is probably dreaming of. Unfortunately, sales compensation plans come in all shapes and sizes, and are often complex.

Handling a small sales team's sales compensation in a spreadsheet is probably cost effective and sufficient for a while. But when a business scales, new sales persons are added, and sales compensation plans become more complex, spreadsheets become a liability.  

A business' growth isn't the only reason to start considering a sales compensation software. In another blog post, we wrote about the 5 Indicators that it's Time to Switch to a Sales Compensation Software. 

Once you have established that you are indeed in need of a sales compensation software, the next big question that you should ask yourself is, "Which one's the best?". Because, really, why would you settle for anything less? 

So how do you find the best sales compensation software? This, I personally do for anything as well, so I'm passing it on to you – look at 3rd party review sites. 3rd party review sites give a lot of insight into a product, its performance, and the type of customer service their customer success team will give you once you become a customer. A brand can go on and on about how great they are, but it is always better to trust what actual customers have to say. 

Look out for the following kinds of reviews: 

1. Recent Reviews 

Recent reviews are essential because what was true a year before, may no longer be true today. 

2. Negative Reviews 

Do watch out for negative reviews as well. You can't please everyone, so 1-3 negative reviews are understandable. But if they are the prevailing theme on a product's review page, then it might be a good idea to look for other sales compensation solutions. 

3. What the Reviewers Have to Say 

Do take the time to read the reviews. It is through these customers' experiences that you can find out whether a product can also meet your needs. Look for the pain points that were solved for them. If you share similar pain points, then it's a good indication that the product can also do for you what it did successfully for them. 


QCommission is listed on many different 3rd party review sites, and we encourage our customers to write about their experiences with us (both the pros and cons), in order to help other people make their decisions. 

Not many customers would actually take the time to write a review, because hey, who isn't busy these days? But we at QCommission are beyond grateful that we have customers who are satisfied enough with our business to take a few minutes of their time to leave a review. 

I'm not going to say that QCommission is a great product. I mean, it is, especially for complex sales compensation plans, but I'll let our customers' reviews do the talking. You can find our customers' reviews on Capterra.