CellarStone’s Commitment – QCommission’s Data Integrations

Over the years, we at CellarStone have gotten to know the needs of many companies when it comes to sales compensation management. Having been in the business of sales commission and sales performance management for over 20 years, it is no wonder one of our main products is at the top of its game.

QCommission, the leading sales commission software in the market today, has proven once again its commitment to satisfying customers by solving problems and making sales commission processing as simple as possible.

QCommission started off as being able to integrate with Excel, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Xero, SugarCRM, and a few other accounting and CRM solutions. As of this writing, however, QCommission is able to integrate with 33 other software/solutions – with Paypal, WiseNet, ServiceTitan, and UltiPro as the latest additions to its many integration partners.

CellarStone’s Development Team is continuously working on strengthening all existing QCommission integrations, and at the same time working on adding more to the already robust list.

Sanal Sankar, CellarStone’s Vice President of Technology also had this to share about our continuous commitment to improving QCommission’s integrations, "At CellarStone, one of our biggest purposes is to satisfy our customers by solving their problems. One of the things we have gotten to really enhance over time is our integration to many other tools like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Xero, QuickBooks, PayPal, and more. QCommission and its integrations are regularly upgraded so that we can provide our customers with faster, more reliable implementations each time, helping them save time and effort every pay period."

Aside from QCommission’s existing list of integration partners, are there other tools or software that you would like it to integrate with in the future? Feel free to let us know!