A Look Back at QCommission in 2021

2021 wasn’t the easiest year for a lot of people – much like 2020. But with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, we – the QCommission team – chose to look at the silver lining.

We decided to look back at some of the reviews that our customers wrote about QCommission in Capterra, and here are some of our favorites:

From Patrick E., Accounts Payable, Wholesale Industry

“I’m very satisfied with QCommission. It helped me reduce the amount of time I spend processing commission. Before, it takes me a couple days, at the minimum, processing commission because of the manual process I need to do. With QCommission, it only takes me a couple of hours to finish processing commissions, but it depends on how big is our data. By reducing the amount of time I spend in commission, I’m able to do my other work. Also, by using QCommission, it prevents from having errors, for example missing an invoice or wrong calculation. The QCommission team that worked with me in developing the software are great. They are very knowledgeable and accommodate everything we asked. They are very responsive when I contact them and updates me on the progress. I thank them very much.”

Ann C., CRO, Computer Software Industry

“We purchased QCommission primarily for reporting for our sales team and to provide locked down calculations for auditing purposes. It has definitely fulfilled those functions. QCommission is very easy to implement. Project Management during implementation was flawless – on time and on budget. I receive a lot of attention and prompt follow-up for all questions even though I am not a large customer.”

Thea P., Assistant Controller, Maritime Industry

“We have multiple plans for internal and external agents that are all different. QCommission allows for these programs to be easily managed and updated as needed. This has saved a lot of hours during our month-end close. Payouts can be quickly calculated and presented with a few clicks.
This software was able to adapt to our complex programs and made pulling payout data very easy. It is easy to add or change program details.
Our programs are complex so the set up took some time but the team at QCommission was supportive and available same day.”

Laura C., Sr. Financial & Project Analyst

“The customer service team is dedicated and professional. ALL of our needs and questions are always met and answered in a timely fashion. We’ve had great experience working with their teams, from the sales to implementation and service.
We have a highly intricate and diverse commission compensation plan. QCommission is highly customizable and functions with complicated layers of data while yielding accurate and valuable management reports. We like to self-manage the program, which the service team has been very helpful with.”
We are thrilled that our customers are happy with how QCommission has helped them simplify their sales commission process despite their complex, intricate, and diverse commission compensation plans.
Are you also looking to simplify or maybe automate your sales commission process? It’s never too late into the year to get started. Message us today so we can work with you on a custom demo that’ll be created just for your business’ needs.