A Look Back at QCommission in 2020

Just like that and the first month of 2021 is almost over. We’d like to take this opportunity though, to look back at 2020. Yes, we’re still a bit hungover.

2020 was quite the year. It was certainly tough for almost everyone. It affected a lot of businesses, and it brought us to this “new normal”. But it did shed some light on what should really be important, don’t you agree?

When 2021 came around the corner, our team chose to be grateful. Sure, we struggled through a tough year, but we made it! And being grateful feels so much better than dwelling on what didn’t happen, what we lost, and what changed.

So even for just a few minutes, we would like to go back to some of the best reviews that we received last year from our dearest clients. Without them, we wouldn’t be here

From Nina C., Financial Analyst, Marketing and Advertising Industry

“The team at QCommission is great. They are always helpful when I have any questions. QCommission is very customer focus driven which is something I look for when finding a product/service to use.

I am able to add new members easily and create different commission structures. The platform is very user friendly and I am able to adjust amounts and do split commission easily.”

From DeAnna C., Office Manager, Real Estate Industry

QCommission has helped our commission process greatly, we are able to provide professional statements and accuracy to our Brokers. They were able to create a platform that fit our commission structure while allowing for several different variables. From the beginning we felt they had our best interest in mind and worked with us to be sure they could provide what we needed. The support over the implementation period we received from [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] was phenomenal, she was an excellent liaison between our team and the developers. She has been a great support throughout our time with QCommission.

We were using excel spreadsheets and formulas which took much more time and concentration, triple checking every factor when calculating commission. We are a large Brokerage with several employees, processing thousands in commissions almost daily. QCommission took the human error out of the equation, calculating each commission correctly every time. They provide options for unique circumstances within our commission structures to help us provide quality service for our Brokers. They give you the tools you need to make changes on your own, rather than having to reach out to them which was important to us. The support has always been timely, which is important since we process commissions daily.

From Norynne S., COO, Financial Services Industry

We have worked with QCommission for a few years now and we could not be happier with both the product and the people. Our experience with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], our Project Manager, was really something special. Her dedication and drive to understand our needs went above and beyond, by far. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], our Customer Success Manager, has also shown an amazing desire to understand who we are, anticipates what we need even before we do, and is nothing less than spectacular. I do also have to give special mention to our developer [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]. Our program turned out to be much more extensive than originally planned and he exhibited the desire to understand our needs and the focus and drive to make sure everything was built perfectly (even with some trailing adjustments). With an unmatched balance of that “personal touch” and professionalism we all look for, I am very happy to recommend QCommission.

From Lisa M., Owner, Retail Industry

After many months of researching a commission software program that was affordable and easy to use, CellarStone/QCommission met all of our requirements. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], along with his team, worked diligently and continually with our company ensuring all necessary conditions/details were met. We work primarily with the animal health industry and our items/commissions are unique to most. We utilize our commissions program on a daily basis and are extremely pleased with the details, reports, ability to revise, setup reports to meet our (very) specific, detailed needs.

From Denise S., President, Computer Software Industry

The software reflects the team that designed it. It is surprisingly powerful for the cost. And it is surprisingly adaptable to complex commission structures. The QCommission team was absolutely great to work with. They stayed with us tenaciously during the implementation phase as we not only changed our commission software but our accounting software. Overall, it is a great product designed by great people.

2020 wasn’t the best year, but there’s definitely room to still be grateful. To all our customers who gave us their trust, and to everyone who left us reviews in Capterra, Gartner, etc., we are truly grateful. We look at and appreciate all these reviews because use them to improve our products and service.