3 Sales Incentive Ideas to Try in Q2

Who said work is always about being serious? Today’s businesses are finding ways to inject some fun into work. And if you doubt that, consider the trends in the designs of modern workspaces. We now have offices that feature athletic facilities, especially where workers sit for long hours. This gives employees a place where they can relieve stress and catch up with colleagues as they ensure proper blood circulation. Other office designs have lounges and equipped kitchens or coffee areas where staff can meet and exchange pleasantries during break time.

Though the different designs cater to specific needs of a business, one thing is common for all: the workspaces are designed to inspire creativity, reduce stress, and boost employee’s morale thus increasing their productivity.  

Whereas you may not be ready to invest in something like the Selgas Cano Architecture office for your sales team, which I’m certain they won’t find the time to enjoy, you can still make their demanding work enjoyable. Today, we look at 3 sales incentive ideas to try in Q2 that are sure to excite and boost the morale of your sales employees.  

Work doesn't have to be all work and no play. Here are some fun sales incentive ideas that you can try this quarter.

1. Raffles or Scratch-offs 

Raffles and scratch cards are great incentive ideas for boosting individual sales performance. If played regularly, such games can encourage self-improvement. To play raffles or scratch-offs, you need to come up with measurable, viable goals for each sales rep. Tie a specified number of raffle tickets or scratch cards to the different targets. 

Make sure you have prizes of different values. Most items could be inexpensive, but ensure you include something with a higher value such as tickets to an interesting event, smart home box, or so. If you chose the scratch cards, the recipient will just need to scratch off and reveal their prize. But you might need to shake and mix the raffle tickets and choose random winners.  

2. Appreciation Jar 

There are various ways of playing this game. Some managers would look for bills of different values and stack in a jar. Then, everyone who accomplishes a task picks a random bill.  

However, it would be more rewarding if the reps gave the ideas of what to put in this jar. In this case, you ask each employee to write on a paper how they would want to be appreciated. Have them understand that their ideas should be feasible, and you can confirm before dropping the papers into the jar.  

Now, state the different metrics your sales staffs need to accomplish. Every time they accomplish the set metrics, they pick a random idea and your office fulfills it.  

3. Fantasy Sports 

This is an effective incentive idea for large sales teams that already engage in sports. The idea is to organize a fantasy sales contest based on a fantasy sport like football. In this case, each leader prepares a team comprised of members from other sales teams.  

Make sure sales reps don’t end up in teams of members they directly work with. A team should also not have members with similar selling competencies. This way, you encourage networking among sales reps of different levels.   

This can run for a month or longer. Send updates of the game regularly to keep the members motivated to attain new heights. Additionally, consider an epic grand prize, for instance, a sponsorship to an event related to the sport you based your contest on. 


Contest goals don’t have to be on sales figures alone. You might need to look at different aspects of selling that you want to boost. Do you want to encourage sales reps to increase their cold calling, set up more sales meetings, or follow up on qualified leads? It’s also possible to let salespeople list their own goals and discuss them to see which they’ll be working on. All in all, the above incentive ideas are sure to renew your sales reps’ excitement and boost their performance throughout quarter two.