10 Common Traits of Successful Salespeople

A good salesperson is an asset to any business. Many entities are willing to stretch their compensation limits to entice sales superstars. But, if you can identify the talent as early as the time of hiring, your business will be a step ahead. Now, how can you tell that someone you are interviewing is a sales superstar in the making? Here are the common attributes found in people who succeed at sales:

1. Diligent – One common trait of sales superstars is that they are efficient in their work. This could be because they value their work and will stop at nothing to have the work done efficiently despite the prevailing circumstances. Of course, you will find such a person is well-organized as well.  

2. Value Customer’s Time – One way of showing customers that they matter is by respecting their time. These salespeople arrive at a meeting at the agreed upon time and pitch their product or service within the given timeslot. Even if you were the customer, you are highly likely to warm up to any salesperson that treats you like gold. 

3. Take Initiative – A good salesperson won’t wait for their supervisors to tell them what to do. They take responsibility for their success by figuring out what to do, which approach to use, or where to go in search of clients. This level of discipline keeps them on track.  

4. Empathetic – Their goal is to understand customer needs and create a rapport so as to offer efficient solutions. To them, it’s not about making an end but meeting a client’s need. Listening to the client enables them to point out this need. They’ll also help the customer understand how the product they are about to buy is the ideal solution to this need.  

5. Persistent – Every salesperson comes across the word “NO” numerous times in their day. But, they don't just give up at the first “no”. In any case, consumers go through 6 stages before they can make a buying decision. The people with the inner drive to keep calling or visiting that client might just knock when he or she is finally ready.   

6. Trainable – Successful sales reps are enthusiastic about learning and adapting to new trends that boost their efficiency at selling. Such a person is quick to try suggestions and discover what works or not.   

7. Optimistic – Attitude is contagious and nobody wants to catch an unhealthy one. It goes without saying that many customers would prefer a cheerful person who is easy to approach. This sales rep is also an upbeat go-getter who won’t back down just because yesterday things didn’t go as desired. 

8. Passionate about Their Work – It’s easy to get excellent results when you do something you love. Many top performers in sales actually enjoy their work. Their work is even better when they believe in the brand as well as the products and services they sell.  

9. Curious and Alert – Their quest for knowledge about their work or clients' needs will cause them to ask more questions that an average performer won’t think of asking. They are always alert and ready for whatever situation that may come their way, so they hardly ever get stuck no matter the situation.    

10. Sociable – A successful salesperson will easily get along with others. To them, meeting new people is always a pleasure. Additionally, they understand the need for networking in this kind of work.  No wonder, you’ll find excellent salespeople in almost every social event within their location.  


If you want the best talent in sales, look at the above traits in any person you interview. Basically, selling isn’t everyone's cup of tea. But, some traits can be learned if a candidate is trainable, diligent, and has the right attitude.