The Successful Salesperson's Handbook, A Guide to Increasing Your Closing Rate

Introduction: What is the Role of a Successful Salesperson

A successful salesperson is someone who has the ability to persuade a customer to purchase a product or service. They need to be able to have an understanding of the customer and their needs. Successful salespeople are able to build relationships with their customers and find out what they want. They also need to be able to identify the needs of their customers.

How to Minimize Shadow Accounting in Sales Organizations

What is Shadow Accounting?

According to, shadow accounting generally refers to a system in which two separate sets of financial books and records are kept for the purpose of detecting mistakes and inconsistencies.

Sales Compensation Automation and the Value It Provides to Your Organization

What is Sales Compensation Automation?

Sales compensation automation is the act of simplifying a business’ sales commission or sales compensation process. It helps managers to calculate and distribute sales commissions accurately, fairly, and automatically. It also helps them to manage the entire sales compensation process from beginning to while saving time and effort.

A Look Back at QCommission in 2021

2021 wasn’t the easiest year for a lot of people – much like 2020. But with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, we – the QCommission team – chose to look at the silver lining.

We decided to look back at some of the reviews that our customers wrote about QCommission in Capterra, and here are some of our favorites:

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning

What is Sales Compensation?

Sales compensation is the monetary compensation that an individual receives for sales performance. It is used to incentivize and reward sales people for their efforts. There are different types of sales compensation such as base salary, commissions, and bonuses.

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