5 Principles That Will Make Your Sales Commission Compensation Plan Irresistible

Sales are the lifeline of any business. If you want to grow your firm in leaps and bounds, then you need a very solid sales strategy. You will also need an exceptionally good team to sell your products and spur the needed growth. One of the secrets of achieving this is to create a sales compensation plan that will literary attract the best salesmen and women in the market. A great sales commission structure will help attract the best salespeople in the market. Here are tips on how you can make your sales compensation plan irresistible. Once you have your plan, how can you sell it to your employees effectively and avoid unwanted reactions? You can make your compensation plan irresistible by basing it on the following 5 principles:

New OT Rules and Its Effects on Sales Commissions

In case you haven't heard, December 1, 2016 will bring about new changes to the current overtime regulations. The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a new ruling that affects businesses both large and small. Here’s what you should know to help your company be prepared and compliant.

12 Benefits of Automating Sales Commissions

A lot of people use spreadsheets for just about everything from tracking expenses, billing clients, payroll, and even for calculating sales commissions. But as we discussed in a separate blog post, using spreadsheets can come with quite a cost in errors and time inefficiency.

Spreadsheet Horror Stories

Did you know that 90% of spreadsheets have errors? Spreadsheet errors are not something to take lightly, especially when computing for sales commissions. They can cause problems like: Incorrect Payments Late Payments Lost Productivity Unhappy Sales Reps Misstated Financials How does it happen?

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