What You Should Know About Commission Advances

In an ideal world, sales commissions are paid monthly. But in the real estate industry, it is common for agents to have gaps between sales. These gaps are either because of clusters in sales or a long contract closing process. Regardless of the reason, these gaps often become a challenge for real estate agents because bills do not sit around and wait.

How to Sell Life Insurance During a Pandemic

A lot of companies and industries took quite a hit this year, and many have been forced to cut their losses and shut down altogether. Another great recession is happening, but there are industries that are still hanging on, and a few others are thriving. The life insurance industry is one of the few that are still able to remain relevant especially because of the uncertainties brought about by everything happening these days.

3 Things You Should Already Be Doing with Your Business During the New Normal

Covid-19 is going to be here for a while. Experts are saying it will be here to stay for a year or so, and if businesses want to stay afloat, then making changes and adapting to our new way of life are key.

If you still are not doing the things below, it is not too late to get started. So, what should you already be doing with your business right now?

How to Quickly Close More Deals

All sales reps and business owners want to close more sales every month. Some sales reps seem to do it effortlessly, while some struggle to make a sale. Here, we’ll share tips that can help you close more deals and ring in more sales.

How to Set Clear Goals for Your Sales & Support Team to Improve Collaboration at Work

Success begins with setting goals. Effective goal setting is a great way to develop and to achieve big things in B2B sales, because without strong sales the company does not grow. In sales, it’s important to identify team goals, as well as individual targets.

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