What is Your Sales Style?

Did you know that every salesperson has their unique selling style? In this case, a good salesperson isn’t just knowledgeable about the product but also his or her unique strength. As a sales manager or entrepreneur, understanding the different sales strengths your members possess will help you match their roles effectively. Consequently, you not only maximize their potential but also keep them motivated.

Women Vs Men: Who Does Better in Sales?

This is an age-old question that crops up every now and then among salespeople and leaders. Furthermore, what an opportune time to talk about the gender advantage in sales when we are still celebrating International women’s month? Generally, we cannot underrate the fact that how well a person does in any job depends, by far, on them, regardless of their gender. Their effort, dedication to growing their skills, and focus on providing exceptional services sets them apart.

How NOT to Do a Compensation Change

Early this month, United Airlines announced their decision to suspend the implementation of their new reward program that involved a lottery system. With the new plan, employees would enter a lottery system that provided them with the potential of winning big prizes if they had acceptable attendance records. According to the management, the new system was supposedly better and more exciting.

3 Sales Incentive Ideas to Try in Q2

Who said work is always about being serious? Today’s businesses are finding ways to inject some fun into work. And if you doubt that, consider the trends in the designs of modern workspaces. We now have offices that feature athletic facilities, especially where workers sit for long hours. This gives employees a place where they can relieve stress and catch up with colleagues as they ensure proper blood circulation. Other office designs have lounges and equipped kitchens or coffee areas where staff can meet and exchange pleasantries during break time.

How To Be The Best Sales Ops Manager

Sales departments generate lots of important information that top managers use for making crucial business decisions. Salespeople also need support for them to be effective in the field. Now, the person who is tasked with making sure that these parties are efficiently served is the sales ops manager. He/she has the potential to make or break an organization. So, what does a sales operations manager need to do to excel at their job?

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