Effective Ways to Close a Deal through a Sales Demo

Getting to the point where a prospect is actually willing to listen to you while you do a demo is no easy feat. But before you do the demo, do you ever stop to check whether your product is really what your prospect needs?

It is always a good idea to first identify the pain points that your prospect is hoping to solve. From there, you can determine whether your product is what they really need. It wouldn’t be fair to your prospect if you push something that they don’t really need.

How to Maximize Sales Effectiveness Through Your Sales Process

Sales effectiveness describes the process of finding the right sales tasks to produce the best possible sales output and outcomes. It refers to the average performance and output of each sales rep. Depending on your organization’s overall strategy and goals, output can refer to revenue or lead generation, or sales of a specific product.

Tips on How You Can Keep Your Customers Happy

When your customers are happy, your business almost automatically will have a greater chance at achieving an increase in sales. It has been proven time and again that a happy customer is much more likely to come back and for a repeat purchase - thus personalizing the customer experience is a winning strategy. Businesses nowadays are focusing more on building relationships, because delighting existing customers is just as important as attracting new ones.

12 Tips for Handling Buyer Rejection

Rejection is one of the biggest apprehensions of people who are considering going into sales. Rejection is difficult to overcome both in life and in sales. The mere utterance of “I’m not interested, thank you” is sometimes enough for a sales person to feel defeated, dispirited. But the hard truth is that rejection is inevitable, especially in sales. Therefore, it is important for sales people to stay positive and persistent.

Fear of rejection is common, especially for those who are only starting out in sales. Here are 12 tips that can help you handle buyer rejection in a healthy and productive way:

Sales Commission Calculator to Increase Sales Success

A commission is a fee that businesses pay their sales persons every time they facilitate or complete a sale. Sales persons work hard for their commissions because it provides them with extra income. For some sales persons, it is their only income.

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