3 Common Sales Compensation Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Introduction: 3 Common Mistakes That Might Be Costing You a Boatload of Cash

The key to a successful compensation plan is to design the right plan for your organizational needs. There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a plan, including the company goals and the employees’ skillsets.

Your Guide to Variable Pay in Sales

This guide will help you understand what variable pay is and how it works.

Variable pay has been a popular incentive for sales people since the 1950s. It can be used as a reward for high-performing employees. It can also be used to motivate employees to reach certain goals or quotas.

5 Sales Effectiveness Metrics Every B2B Sales Team Must Be Measuring

Introduction: Why is it necessary to track sales effectiveness?

There are a variety of sales effectiveness metrics that can be tracked to measure the success of a company’s sales team. These metrics provide insights into the overall health of a company and can help identify areas that need improvement.

Recoverable vs Non-Recoverable Draw: What is the Difference?

As discussed in our previous blog post, a draw (draw against commission) is when a business owner advances a predetermined amount to a salesperson against future sales commissions. Any sales commission earned in excess of the advanced amount is normally for the salesperson to keep, but there are other plans or agreements in place depending on the agreement between the business and the salespersons.

What is Draw Against Commission?

What is “Draw Against Commission”?

In a nutshell, this is what “Draw Against a Commission” means, according to Chris Joseph in one of his articles on smallbusiness.chron.com, “Small business owners who decide to employ a sales force to generate revenue face the dilemma of choosing the most effective compensation program. Choices range from a straight salary plan where all income is guaranteed, to a heavily performance-based commission-only program. A draw program is an alternative that combines elements of both of these methods.”.

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