What to Do When You Have a Demotivated Sales Rep

According to Career Trend, job satisfaction goes beyond receiving a fat paycheck on a regular basis. It is, therefore, no surprise for employees to be disgruntled over matters that are not related to their pay. Unfortunately, a dip in the morale of sale reps affects their performance, and consequently your returns, irrespective of the cause.

3 Areas You’re Losing In for Still Using Excel to Manage Sales Commissions

When it comes to compensating your sales team, you need an efficient and accurate system that gives you real-time data that you can use to make critical decisions. In fact, this system is not just for computational purposes but should perform complex functions such as data validation and analysis. Although Excel is great for computations, it comes with a myriad of limitations.

5 Indicators that it’s Time to Switch to a Sales Commission Software

Every business owner who’s keen on the growth of their company should be concerned when their sales begin to plateau. Usually, this can be caused by various factors such as employee burnout and stiff competition. Using tactics such as changing sales strategy and giving sales incentives can help revive the morale of your salespeople. But, you will need a robust sales commission software to monitor your sales team's performance and implement an incentive program effectively.

Characteristics of High Performing Sales Reps

How do you sieve through the numerous applications for a sales job to identify a suitable candidate? As a hiring manager, you can’t rely on someone’s experience in a sales position only if you want to get high performing salespeople. This is because, besides experience, research has shown that sales superstars demonstrate common traits that an average performer lacks. So, if your target is to add top performers to your team, you are better off not betting on experience only but also adding the following traits to your selection criteria.

How to Identify and Beat Sales Burnout

Any top achiever will, without a doubt, attribute their success to discipline, hard work, and determination. These are attributes that cut across all spheres of life including the sales profession. However, it is important to mention that even as one endeavor to work hard, they should be wary of the dangers of overworking themselves to the point of burnout. This is a state marked with both emotional and physical exhaustion and can easily metamorphose to depression if not well managed.

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