Sales Commission and International Currencies

Let’s say you’ve enjoyed a steady growth in the local scene. You now feel it’s the right time to spread your wings and taste the international markets for new growth opportunities. This is great news for any business. But, it comes with its own challenges. One of the major headaches in the international marketplace is handling sales commissions in multiple currencies. Fortunately, with good tools such as QCommission, this can be a thing of the past and here is how:

Why You Need A Good Sales Commission Software

If you want to determine whether your business is doing well or not, look at your sales transactions. Not many businesses are able to track their sales transactions and sales commissions effectively. It maybe high time for a sales commission software. Here are reasons why you need one. In fact, some businesses still use spreadsheets, cash registers, and paper files to manage their sales records.

4 Tips For Designing a Winning Sales Compensation Plan

Do you want your business to skyrocket to success this year? Begin by investing in the right sales talent. So far, we’ve established that sales reps have a key influence on a business’ bottom line. What’s more, any sales superstar knows their worth in such enterprises and will settle for nothing less than companies whose commission structures compensate them for what they are worth.

10 Common Traits of Successful Salespeople

A good salesperson is an asset to any business. Many entities are willing to stretch their compensation limits to entice sales superstars. But, if you can identify the talent as early as the time of hiring, your business will be a step ahead. Now, how can you tell that someone you are interviewing is a sales superstar in the making? Here are the common attributes found in people who succeed at sales:

How to Manage Sales Compensation During Mergers or Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a great strategy for boosting the growth of a business. However, they also involve some risk. For one, the process can be complex and demanding. Additionally, such changes don’t sit comfortably with most workers. This is why the business may risk losing some of its top performers. The processes involved in mergers and acquisitions can be complex and demanding. There is also the issue of sales compensation plans - how do you handle your new team now that two sales forces are coming together?

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