Back To Basics – What is a Sales Commission?

For a long time, businesses have used sales commission-based compensation structures to motivate their teams to work towards the company’s set objectives. This method of compensation makes it possible to recognize and reward hard workers for their exceptional performance in the organization. Besides, paying commissions provides a company with flexible payment terms that don’t rely on a set monthly salary but the generated revenue.

Why Your Company Needs a Good Sales Compensation Plan

Do you consider your sales compensation plan a key component of your business strategy? Surprisingly, not many businesses do, even though compensation plans have direct effects on hiring, retaining, and motivating workers. A good sales compensation plan is a key component of any business strategy. An excellent sales compensation plan will get the salesperson concerned about the welfare of the business since its success translates to the sales rep's personal success.

4 Reasons Why Paying Commissions Will Get You Optimum Results from Your Sales Team

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Spreadsheets Giving You a Headache? Try Sales Commission Automation

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Why You Should Consider QCommission as Your Next Sales Compensation Software

When shopping for a software solution, one of the challenges many businesses face is finding an unbiased review of a prospective system. With every provider praising their software solutions, buyers have little practical information to gauge how a system will perform and if it’s worth their investment. They are left with the option of trying the system and learn about its efficacy on the job. This is risky, costly and, in some instances, a waste of time.

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