Advantages of QCommission Web Version

1. Login. In the Desktop version of QCommission, one has to login to the remote Desktop to access the application. But in the Web version, it can be accessed from the browser of your local computer that has internet connection.

2. Reps Access. In the Desktop version (QCommission Premier), there is an option of Portal access for the reps. In the Web version (QCommission Premier), we can provide credentials to the reps to login so they can see their statements instead of the administrators sending the statements thru email. In some industries, there are requirements where they want the reps to enter their sales data. This is possible in the Web version.

3. Notes. Most Pages have a Notes section where customers can stores notes related to a particular record.

4. Plan Designer. The Plan screen is completely different in the Web version. It has a detailed Plan document section where you can see the notes about the plan.

5. Documents Upload Ability. In the Web version, you can upload the documents and can ask the reps to look into it. It could be their plan document or even an announcement, etc. We can enforce document security too.

6. Dashboard Support. We can customize and build dashboards. They can be modified to show the corresponding rep's data when they login. For example, we can show the total commission earned by month for the year. We can show this in various charts.

7. Statements Export. In the Desktop version, the statements get exported to a physical path whereas in the Web version, it gets exported to the Document section. This way, you can have a repository of statements that you can access quickly.

8. Email Process. In the Desktop version, you need to have an Email Client like Outlook configured to send emails. In the Web version, the email can be sent from the application itself. All you need to do is configure the email settings.

9. Excel Reports. In the Desktop version, the Excel reports get stored in the QCommission Server's physical path (OutDIR) and then you have to manually copy the file to your local system in case you need to send emails or use it for any other activity or purpose. In the Web version on the other hand, exporting the Excel report automatically downloads it into the local machine.

10. Enhanced Report Designer. The application comes with a built-in report designer. New reports can be developed or existing reports can be customized. The report designer in the Web version is very user friendly and can be used to create reports.

11. Work Flow. The application can be used to set workflows on various rules. For example, a workflow can be set so that transaction entries have to be approved by a manager before the numbers are finalized.

12. Customization of Pages/Menus. The application has the option wherein you can customize the pages/menus. Various pages have been developed to support different industries and verticals. The unused pages or menus can be hidden. New pages or customizing existing pages can be done based on needs.