Editions and Comparison

Comparison  of QCommission, QC Pro, QC Premier & QC Enterprise

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Feature QCommission QCommission Pro QCommission Premier QCommission Enterprise
Total Source Transactions Lines/Fiscal Year 200,000 1,200,000 12,000,000 Unlimited
Number of Payee-Users question mark    2 to 100  5 to 500  Minimum 5 No upper limit  Minimum 10 No upper limit
User Access Security 
Multi-User Web Access Single Admin Access  Multiple Admin Access  Multiple Admin and Payee Access  Multiple Admin and Payee Access
User Profiles and Authentication question mark  No Yes Yes Yes
Audit logging question mark  No No Yes Yes
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance  No No Yes Yes
Functional Security question mark  No No Yes Yes
Organization Security question mark  No No Yes Yes
SOC Compliance option question mark  No No No Yes
On-Premises option question mark  No No No Yes
Database question mark SQL Server Express SQL Server Express SQL Server Express and above SQL Server Standard /Enterprise
Automatic Process Scheduling  No No Yes Yes
Single Sign-on  No No No Yes
Data Encryption  No No No Yes
Commission Statement Writer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports available as XLS , HTML and PDF No Yes Yes Yes
Reports are available in Salesforce and MS Dynamics  No No Yes Yes
Reports can be emailed No Yes Yes Yes
Report Designer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Designer No No Yes Yes
Dashboard Designer  No No Yes Yes
Query Designer  No No Yes Yes
Job Profitability Commissions No Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Capability No Yes Yes Yes
GL Accrual Reporting No No Yes Yes
Commission Plan Approval No No Yes Yes
Commission Statement Approval No No Yes Yes
Workflow No Yes Yes Yes
Issue Resolution No No Yes Yes
Modeling No No No Yes
Business Intelligence No No No Yes
Document Storage No No Yes Yes
Effectived Dated Organizational Changes No No Yes Yes
New table and new page Ability No No No Yes
Track Work Hours No No Yes Yes
Track Job Changes No No Yes Yes
Payee ability to modify Data No No Yes Yes
Application Extendability No No Yes Yes
Excel/Text Yes  Yes Yes Yes
PDF (Text format)  Yes Yes Yes Yes
QuickBooks and QB Online  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sage Peachtree  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce.com  No Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce.com Lightning Ready  No Yes Yes Yes
SugarCRM  No Yes Yes Yes
ODBC  No Yes Yes Yes
MS SQLServer  No Yes Yes Yes
Sage MAS 500  No Yes Yes Yes
MS Dynamics Great Plains  No Yes Yes Yes
MS Dynamics Axapta  No No Yes Yes
Environment and Performance  
Total Source Transactions Lines per Fiscal Year 120,000 1,200,000 12,000,000 Unlimited
Separate Database No No Yes Yes
Multi-Server Multi-Database Load Balancing No No Yes Yes
Separate Server No No No Yes
Support Services Plans
Services Standard Silver Gold Platinum
New Releases and Upgrades Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bug Fixes and Maintenance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Case Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Support Cases 12 24 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per incident exceeding covered incidents $195 $195 Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Support No Yes Yes Yes
Additional Training No No Yes Yes
Plan Management Program No No Yes Yes
Commission Administration Program No No No Yes
Monthly Fee:question mark  Per Payee/User  % of Subscription. No 20% 100% 200%
Minimum Charge The minimum Charge
when the service level is used, regardless of number of
payee-users. No No $300 $600
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