QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software
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QCommission Benefits
  • Pay commissions accurately
  • Pay commissions on time
  • Communicate commissions clearly
  • Reduce administrative cost, time and effort
  • Increase productivity of sales people
  • Reduce errors in sales commissions
  • Track sales, commissions and bonuses
  • Fully understand your sales & commissions performance
  • Analyze all sales and commissions data
  • Increase salespeople trust and satisfaction
  • Reduce salespeople complaints
  • Reduce salespeople turnover
  • Reduce reliance on single person for commissions knowledge
  • Rely on Auditable data
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QCommission   QCommission
QCommission QCommission
QCommission Features
  • Integration with salesforce.com
  • Integration with QuickBooks US, Canada, UK & Online Editions
  • Sales reps/manager can view commission statements online using intranet
  • Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations
  • Calculate Commissions, Bonuses and other incentives
  • Calculate flat, tiered and threshold based bonuses
  • Pay commissions on Sales, Gross Profit and Units
  • Pay commissions on Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and other frequencies
  • Commissions can be specific to Product, Customer, Payee and others
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QCommission   QCommission
QCommission QCommission
Our Partners
Salesforce.com AppExchange Partner
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Intuit Gold Membership
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QCommission   QCommission
QCommission QCommission
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QCommission   QCommission
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